Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick "Not Me!" Monday

This will be short and sweet and to the point today since I am crazy busy with packing and appointments today. MckMama is not having Not Me Monday today due to Stellan (her little MckMuffin) being sick and in the hospital. Please keep him in your prayers.

*I did not enjoy the hours of arm free time when everyone kept offering to hold Aiden at my in-laws house.

* I did not have ALL the Christmas decorations packed up and stored before 1:00 pm Christmas day. I of course settled in on that day and relaxed and did not rush around packing a gazillion boxes.

*I did not give Dale a guilt trip over his lack of participation in the packing and moving even though I know that he is not feeling well. I did not give him an ultimatum to either help me paint the new kitchen or get off the couch and go to urgent care to find out what is wrong. The man who NEVER goes to the doctor did not choose to go to urgent care to only find out that he does not have a serious sinus infection with all the bells and whistles. I did not feel guilty for forcing him to go to the doctor but glad that he is hopefully on track to feeling better before the big move on Saturday.

*I did not feel sad when my stocking was empty, minus the voucher for a free vacuuming, compliments of my caring 9 year old son. I guess when we agreed to not give each other gifts, Dale figured he was off the hook on the stocking too. That's my favorite part. Hopefully next year he will put some effort into that.

*I did not forget to buy oranges for the kids stockings this year. I have always put one in their stocking since I was always given one as a child. How could this have slipped my mind? Too much going on right now.

*I did not spend Sunday working in the nursery, to end up only having my kid in there. I could have watched him from the comfort of my own house instead of him being the only one there and grouchy in this forgein place.

*My family will not be happy when this whole move is over so they don't have to deal with grouchy mom who tries to pack everything in sight. So far they have avoided being shoved in a box, taped, and labeled.

Well, I have taken a long enough break. Must get back to packing before I have to leave for my next appointment of the day in about an hour. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's celebration.

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  1. Loved your grouchy post! : ) I totally feel you on the stockings... but surprisingly, my husband decided to make a "fill-her-stocking-with-loads-of-candy" an annual tradition. Yippee! Too bad all we got each other for gifts were DVDs. And HE actually remembered the oranges... or, well, um, grapefruit. Who puts grapefruit in a stocking??? My husband, I guess!

    I wish you a quick and painless move (too late!). Hope everyone helps with the packing and gives poor Mama a break!