Thursday, January 1, 2009


This year we were going to just stay at home and continue with the madness of packing. After a full day of packing I decided we needed to take a break from it all and try to enjoy an evening with no boxes involved. We went over to my best friend's house, which we have done for the past 7 years or so. It was great to get away from it all and just enjoy some adult time while the kids played in the other rooms. We were going to celebrate New York style (9:00 CA time when the ball drops in Time Square). When 9 o'clock rolled around the guys were still having fun playing the Wii and the kids weren't ready to head back home to chaos yet. We ended up celebrating Dallas style (10:00) and then heading home, in bed by Tuscon time (11:00 CA time) and then Aiden decided to wake back up to celebrate Alaskan style (1:00 a.m.). It was fun but I am sure tired today and have lots to do. I have already packed 10 boxes in the past hour and half and needed to take a break before I dive back in. Here are a few pictures of our New Years Eve.

Unrelated to New Years but still adorable - When Andrew was born, the first words out of this loving mother's mouth was, "He looks like a Munchichi!!" He was super hairy and to me looked just like the adorable Munchichi toys I had played with as a kid. I found this Munchichi at Vons the other day and could not resist. Do you see the resemblance? The little doll is holding onto his pet Welsh Corgi, which is exactly what we have. I love my little Munchichi guy!!!Andrew has been such a big help during this moving process. Now that Aiden has decided to take the bottle like a 'normal' baby it has made feedings SO much easier. Andrew had given Aiden a certificate in his stocking good for one bottle feeding. Mommy decided that Aiden wanted to cash that in yesterday morning while I was busy packing the dishes. Aiden LOVES his big brother. Thank you Andrew for being such a good big brother and an awesome helper for Mommy. And, "GO CHARGERS!!!!" Check out Aiden's onsie - getting ready for the play offs, don't disappoint me now guys.Now for the New Years pics....
This is Jen, my best friend, and their new puppy Marley reading a book to Aiden.Marley was in love with Aiden's exersaucer. It was the perfect retreat from all the kid feet running around.
Did someone slip something into his bottle? Don't know where this look came from but he was super full from his bottle and just needed to lay back and take a break from the party.
This is Alexis with her buddy Robbie, Jen's grandson. He is 3 months older then her but probably half a foot taller. They play so well together.
Aiden wasn't so sure about James at first. He has gotten to the 'stranger' stage and really takes time to warm up to people that he is not around on a daily basis. About 30 minutes later he was laughing and giggling with James instead of crying every time James looked at him.
Jen and I are a little worried about our children. EVERY time they get together they end up playing "Dr. Phil" We think they are destined to end up in therapy some day, married to each other, or something. Last night they were playing "Dr. Phillis" because Katee's best friend was interviewing Andrew and Katee, who were a married couple with 'issues'. They have such funny imaginations sometimes, but always good for a laugh.
Sarah was reading to Aiden, one of his favorite things to do.
He ended up falling asleep in her arms as she read to him.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years. I know that we are looking forward to lots of good things to come in 2009.


  1. I love the Munchichi comment... glad someone else knows what those were! I always call my husband that when he gets out of the shower, because his hair kind of stands up straight like a fro. Love the kids playing Dr. Phil too!

  2. wishing you the best for 2009! hope the packing continues to go well and the unpacking goes quicker!