Wednesday, January 14, 2009

These Shoes Were Made For Walking

Here is a picture just for my husband. Don't worry, it is totally G rated. I told him last night that I NEEDED to start wearing my sneakers because my knees, shins, ankles, hips, you name it were really starting to bother me from going up and down the stairs so much and the walks back and forth to school, all while in flip flops. So hunny here it is.... me in sneakers.

For those of you that know me personally, you know what a big deal this is. I wear flip flops 365 days of the year. No joke! In the rain, to church, on a trip to Disneyland, to school, the grocery story, EVERYWHERE. I dislike shoes SOOOOO much it is not even funny. But, over the past few weeks I have come to understand that sneakers need to become my new best friend. The stairs up to our house are killing me in the flip flops, while juggling a dog leash in one hand, a chucky monkey 10 month old in the other hand, a little girl zigging and zagging right in front of me on the verge of making me trip, with the baby bag slung over one shoulder, a cell phone in the palm with the dog leash, and keys dangling from somewhere. I just need more support I guess. I know that sneakers are not going to change the full hands but they might help my feet and legs feel some better.

Not only is it the stairs that are giving me a hard time, it is the walk back and forth three times a day to school that gets to me. We have uneven pavement, rolling parking lots, and children bobbing and weaving once again in front of me while I am juggling Aiden in his baby wrap. I have resolved that I will not drive the kids to school even though we are slightly farther away then before. I have even resolved that I will extend that walk once I have dropped them off in the morning and add another 10-15 mins to my walk. So for my a.m. walk it will be 25 mins long and for the other two it will be at least 10 mins. Hard to extend the walk when I have extra little legs that need to keep up all while whining about being hungry, thirsty, tired or some combination of the three. That gives me 45 mins of walking each day. Not much, but certainly a lot more then I was doing before.

So Mr. Sneakers (or are they Mrs. Sneakers since they are pink and made for girls?), get ready to be dusted off more often and used at least 5 times a week. Get ready to clock more mileage. And please, help my aching bones!!!


  1. Joy, I wear my tennis shoes just about every day! I bought new ones last week because I'd finally worn out all the support of the old shoes because I wear them so much. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel physically at the end of the day after wearing your good shoes with support. And I aint' talking KEDS. They need to be good tennis shoes with support. LOL.

    My shoes go on at 7:15 in the morning when I leave to take Hannah to school and most days, they stay on well until after dinner.

    Wearing good shoes helps with my back, my feet, it helps my legs not be so achy. Sneakers are good friends. LOL.

  2. Ahh, I am ALREADY missing my flips. Now that I'm back at school (and maybe since the winter storms set in back in December), I retired my flip flops to the closet. Now I wear my slip on brown slides/clogs/whatever they're called. Almost as good, but I have to wear socks. I think that's the part that kills me - SOCKS! Grrrr.

  3. I can totally picture the daily juggling act! That's similar to the one I make loading the car for work before the sunrises... and if you add a second dog and take them off leash, that's how cooking dinner and using the computer look, too... except the dogs are the ones zig zaggin and jumping and the 5 month old is squirming and the cell phone is vibrating in a pocket I can't reach...

  4. Hi, Joy. I found your site through some other cleft related sites that I visit. Our son, Reid, was born with a bilateral cleft and complete palate in Nov. 07. It is nice to find your blog and "meet" some more wonderful families affected by a cleft child. Just wondering if I may link your site from ours as a buddy??? Your little Aiden is very sweet, by the way. Take care...and again....nice to have found you!

  5. I would be honored if you would include us as a buddy. I have stumbled across your blog in the past, when I didn't know how to do the whole follower thing. And then when I learned that I couldn't find you again. Glad to have run across you again and I have gone and added myself as a follower on both of your blogs.