Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Am I Going to Do With Her?

UGH!!!! I am at my wits end with Ms. Alexis right now. She has always been my 'free spirited' little ones but on some days it will drive a person to want to jump off a clift. Today she has given me two heart attacks, well not literally but definitely a couple panic attack.

When we were leaving her preschool she decided she was going to run ahead. We talk about this EVERY day and usually she is good at stopping at the gate to wait for her old mom to catch up. Well, today she decided the fence was no good and just went running straight for the car, amongst all the moving vehicles that are there to drop off and pick up their own little ones. I about had a nervous break down and you better bet her entire name came out of my mouth at a louder then normal level... ALEXIS JULIANNA H. YOU BETTER STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE THIS MOMENT!!!!! Even after the raised voice and full name being spoken she didn't seem to understand the gravity of what she had just done and how lucky she was not be a pancake under someone's car.

Then, as I was changing a bomb diaper of Aiden's she went into the kitchen to get the necessary items for me to make a peanut butter sandwhich. She does this all the time; one kids' knife, the bread, and the jar of peanut butter. Well, this time she decided that she needed to mess with the stove knobs and successfully turned the burn on full force. At the old place the burners would click when someone was lighting them but these you just have to turn and they automatically come on. Of course she had set the loaf of bread on the burner before she decided they looked like fun to play with. Pure panic that not only was the loaf of bread (and melting plastic) a big mess, but that they whole place was going to catch on fire.

I think I need to lock her in her room for the rest of the day. If third time is the charm then I don't want to give her the opportunity for the third heart attack of the day. Seriously I won't be locking her in her room, but really, how much more can this mommy take? Time out just doesn't seem to do justice anymore. I am more or less writing this post so I can calm down and take a time out myself so I don't blow up at this moment about her reckless behavior. Maybe we need to invest in those little stove baby locks (never needed them when she was littlier but I guess we do now) and maybe I need to invest in one of those harnesses when we walk to and from school(never needed those either when she was little). Who knows? UGH!!!!! She may look like me from her baby pictures and mine, but she is ALL her dad. Just ask his mom about all the wonderfully adventurous things he did as a child, like drinking sewing machine oil among MANY other dangerous things. This is just a glimpse of things to come and I am really in for it.

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  1. Welcome to my world :-) She sounds as independent as my almost 3 year old Hannah.