Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This picture is perfect for Wordless Wednesday because there are no words to explain this get up Aiden put together with the help of his sister. Enjoy a good laugh compliments of Aiden. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009: Invasion of Star Wars

This year we decided to go with a theme for all three kiddos. Daddy and the kiddos are major Star Wars fans, so we stuck with that theme. Introducing Andrew as Darth Vader, Alexis as Princess Leia, and Aiden as Yoda.
The kids had been asking since noon if it was time to go. Alexis couldn 't grasp the concept that it had to be dark before we could head out. She sat in front of the clock and watched every minute tick by. When it was time to go they were the first at the door. Aiden couldn't understand why his bucket was empty. That would all change before the night was over.
We met up at Mrs. T's house (Aiden's sitter on the days I sub) so we could walk the neighborhood with her family and a few other friends. In all we had 20 people walking together. That was too many if you ask me because it was pretty hard to stay together and not be tripping over each other at the same time.
Daddy and I took turns walking him up to the doors and reminding him to say "Thank you!" My friend's daughter, Katee, helped him walk up to the door as well, which gave Dale and I a nice break to sit back and watch the action instead of having to be all up in it.
Little Yoda's legs were tired. Thankfully Daddy came to the rescue and carried him from house to house. He even said 'Trick or Treat' at a few houses. When we reminded him to say thank you at the last few house he just said, "NO!" He was definitely done and wanted to go home.
Once we got home we dumped all the candy on the living room floor for mommy and daddy to inspect and for the kids to pick out their 10 pieces of candy to keep. Aiden couldn't get his hands on enough candy and kept dropping them and starting over to see if he could get more with a different approach.
Before we knew it he had decided he wanted a sucker and had helped himself.

Before the night was over we had to see who was the cutest Princess Leia.
First up: Daddy Leia
Andrew Leia
Aiden Leia

And the winner: Princess Alexis Leia
(Somehow the picture of Mommy Leia never made it to the blog. Wonder how that happened?)

Around our house we have a new tradition: The Switch Witch. The SW, after being invited by the kids, exchanges their candy, minus the 10 pieces she lets them keep, for something non-candy. If they have not been good then the Gobbling Goblin gobbles up all their candy and leaves them nothing. After the kids were snuggling in their beds, the Switch Witch made her appearance. She left them this little note and flew away in the midnight sky with their candy in exchange.
I am thankful that I will not have to hear the begging for candy for days on end, and I am looking forward to taking them to Toys 'R Us to spend their gift card this week.

We are now looking foward to a very thank filled November.