Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week Long Birthday Celebration


It is so hard for me to believe that just 2 short years ago you were born into your daddy and I's arms at home on March 3rd at 11:18 a.m., weighing 9lbs 7 oz and 21 in long. The whirlwind of activity surrounding your birth is still etched in my mind as if it happened yesterday.
And today you are this rowdy, loving, crazy at times, cuddly, life of the party 2 year old, who has taught me so much and continues to do the same each day.
A one day celebration for such a party guy would not do, so we had a week long celebration instead. It all started with an impromptu cake/party with Nana and Mr. David the Saturday before your birthday. You weren't quiet sure what to think while everyone sang to you but seemed to enjoy it by the time we finished the song. You tried really hard to blow out the candles by yourself, but in order to save the cake from the flying spit, Daddy decided to help you out a little.
On the actual day of your birthday you seemed a little melancholy, as was I, mourning the loss of my little baby, who was now a big boy. I know you haven't been a baby for a long time, but something about you turning 2 just sealed the deal.
You have really been into The Cars movie, anything that has to do with Lightening McQueen, or just cars in general. You would wear these socks EVERY day if I would let you (and I often do).
Whenever I pull out the camera now you have one of two responses; either a total cheesy smile or you try to act all shy and pull your shirt up to hide. Today was a shy day, but I couldn't resist a picture of your cute belly anyways.
You have also started wanting to help me in the kitchen. This is not something I like to encourage because each task then takes me four times longer to complete. If you hear me pulling out a pan, loading the dishwasher, or rifling through the silverware, you often come running from whatever room you are in to see if you can get your hands in there to help out. Here you are pulling out a new container of apple juice since you were all out of juice in the fridge. You have just become so independent at times.
Daddy and I just sit back and laugh at how you will help yourself when you want something bad enough. If you want a refill on your drink you will often bring us your cup, the container of juice, and start saying, "peas!" Hard to resist that big cheesy smile that comes along with the please.
On Wednesday, your actual birthday, we celebrated with a small cookie since we knew we would be having cake again on the weekend. You were actually able to blow out one of the candles this time by yourself, but Daddy helped you with the second one because you kept getting super close to them with your face in order to blow it out.
You are my little cookie monster and REALLY enjoyed every last crumb!
Other then The Cars movie, you are also a major Toy Story fan. Buzz Lightyear pjs and Buzz baseball hat (not pictured) were a major birthday present hit. You are so easy to please and I am cherishing these simple times because I know those days will not last forever.
On Saturday we had our third, and final, celebration for your birthday. I attempted to make you a Blue's Clues paw print cake since you are a HUGE fan of Blue's Clues. The biggest compliment came from you when you loudly exclaimed, "A COO A COO!!!" when you first saw it (Translation: A clue, a clue!) If you could tell what it was from looking at it then it was a success in my mind. To finish off the birthday week long celebration I took you to get your 2 year old portraits taken today. You did a great job! Were a ham as always!! Made everyone in the place stop and take notice of you! and then walked away with a look on your face as if to say, "Mission Accomplished!"


***Current updated weight/height stats and list of can-dos to follow later this week after his doctor's appointment on Thurs.***
*****To view his 1 year old picture and the video I made about his birth, go here.*****