Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hair, Wii, Teeth, and More

I think our new place has great natural lighting for pictures. Aiden has really adjusted well to our new living place, even though this hasn't been an easy transition for him. He currently has some type of tummy bug that has been going on since Friday. He has been having blow out diapers to the tune of 6 outfit changes a day. Not fun when you lay out 3 outfits for two days and then pack the rest away. He has gone through so many diapers and wipes I can't even keep things straight. He has been on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) since Sunday but nothing really seems to help much. I am hoping we are on the back end of this all since he has only soiled through two outfits today. I have definitely gotten familiar with the new washer and dryer very quickly. Even through it all he has had the best disposition and doesn't act like anything is wrong. It amazes me how similar Alexis and Aiden are, right down to their hair color and eyes. Baby pictures are so crazy to compare. When things settle down I will have to scan one of Alexis and show the similarities they have.Talk about static. His hair is so crazy fine and light that it sticks up with even the slightest static in the air. My favorite is teasing it with a balloon. Wish I would have had one that day. Aiden has learned to give kisses. If you make a kissing noise then he returns the favor by puckering up and kissing back. It is so cute. If you are holding him and ask for a kiss he dives right in, tongue and all. Very slobbery. Aiden really wanted to get in on the Wii action that day. Andrew was teaching Alexis how to play tennis, baseball, and bowling. Alexis on the other hand seems to be the pro at boxing.Andrew was hiding from me just to be funny. He used to fit under the exersaucer, not so much anymore, but still funny.
Aiden now has 4 teeth. He got his second tooth, a bottom one, the Saturday before Christmas, discovered in the line at Home Depot as he tried to teeth on the cart (YUCK!!). The third tooth came in on the bottom left on Christmas eve and then on Friday, Jan 2nd, he got his fourth tooth a top one. He looks so cute with his toothy grin. We are still trying to figure out which teeth have erupted on the top since they are so far over to his right and not centered like most would imagine front teeth to be. Time will tell. He is by far my worst teether. He gets cranky, doesn't sleep well, has loose diapers and is over all not fun to be around when he is cutting teeth. Sometimes I just wish I could put him to bed and then have him wake up with a full mouth of teeth the next day. These new teeth have brought with them other new adventures, like discovering Ritz crackers and Nilla Wafer cookies. Yum yum. This picture isn't the best as he doesn't like to show off his teeth yet and wasn't liking me putting a camera in his face at that time.

Well, that is enough rambling for now. I should get back to unpacking those dreaded misc. boxes. Dale has tomorrow off so we are going to go over to the other place and work on some last minute things before we walk away completely. Please pray that my migraines will go away. I haven't had them this bad for a long time and I know that they are from the stress of the move and my tooth that is in desperate need of attention. It is no fun to wake up and go to bed each day with a constant headache for over a week. I really should get the tooth fixed and get to a chiropractor to help me with the migraines, but that will have to wait till another day.


  1. I'm glad to hear that the move went/is going well! It also sounds like everyone had a great Christmas.

    P.S. I'm loving Aiden's sweet face in the 3rd and 4th pics!!

  2. Oh Joy, I'll be praying for those migraines and that toothache. I KNOW how horrid both can be!

    Aiden's nose and lip repair looks awesome!!!! We see Cranio on the 26th!!!

  3. You're right - your new place has GREAT natural lighting! Love the picture of Alexis and Aiden together. Can't wait to see more!!!

    Oh boy - I'm not looking forward to teeth. Aidan still doesn't have any, so we'll see. But he's definitely chewing on stuff!

    Glad your move is done. PHew!!!!

  4. Good luck with all the boxes.

    Yes, I agree, the two look very much alike. I can't wait to see the baby pictures, but I am assuming that will be once you locate them. That being said...won't make this long-you need to get back to unpacking!

  5. Love the one of Alexis and Aiden, so sweet!

    I have thought they looked alike from the first time I saw their pictures.