Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This week I did not do a lot of things, but right now can't seem to remember half of them.

I did not regret taking the kids outside to play when the winds were kicked up and do not now have a major sinus head cold that is killing me.

I did not sing hallelujah when I dropped the kids off at school today after a long 3 week vacation. Mommy needed a vacation from the constant questions of "can we play the Wii?, can we have a snack? can we play outside?, can we go on the computer?, can we, can we, can we.....?" UGH! It was sure quiet around here, and even though I do love the quiet, I must admit that I did not miss the kiddos.

I did not enjoy having my friend's kiddo spend Thurs, Fri, and Monday at my house. I wish I could have a Mommy helper all the time. Katee is awesome at keeping the kids entertained, changing the baby, or just being a fresh ray of sunshine at the house. Thanks Katee for all your help!!

I did not procrastinate all week long and still have a box or two to unpack from our move on the 3rd. I will get that box unpacked before the next Not Me! Monday.

I did not mistake a 5.0 earthquake as my daughter's heavy feet running down the hallway, only to discover that she and her brother were standing still in the kitchen. I did not realize it too late to do anything and stood there just staring at my husband when I should have been getting the kids to a safe place. Time to map out our emergency plan for the new place so the kids know where to go.

I did not get my little 10 month old's hair cut, telling the stylist to please cut it but don't make him loose his baby boy look. That would be like asking for a bagle toasted but untoasted (can't remember who does those commercials right now). I did not love his haircut but at the same time miss his old crazy hair look.

Well, that is all I can think of for now. Head on over to MckMama's blog to see what other moms are not doing these days. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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  1. I did not shout for joy when I dropped Hannah off on Monday and again on Tuesday when I dropped Rachel off at preschool! And I did not miss either one of them even for a teensy weensy bit. LOL.