Monday, January 19, 2009

Cookie Cutter Kids

Ok, first of all, do you hear that noise? That is the sound of me patting myself on the back. I FINALLY figured out (through MUCH trial and error) how to scan pictures, save them where I wanted them, email them to my other computer, and then be able to find them again. But SHHHHH!!! Please don't tell Dale otherwise he will never help me out again if he knows that I have it figured out.

I wanted to compare all our pictures around the same age group and it is crazy how much the kids look alike, almost as if they are cookie cutter kids. This is Aiden's 10 month picture, just taken a few weeks ago.This is Alexis' 10 month picture. Notice the stricking resemblence.And, this is Andrew's 10 month picture, with the same chubby cheeks. I have always said that he is 'my little man, but with a tan.' He looks just like me but with a darker colored skin that I wish I had.So I got a little carried away and went searching for pictures of myself and Dale around the same age. I am the 'little' one on the right (my sister, Charity, is on the left). Still the same double chin and chubby cheeks. I am about 13 months old in this picture. (I am sure my sister will love me once more for sharing her picture as well.)And lastly, this is a picture of Dale when he was less then a year old. Not sure of the exact age but I know it took place before his first birthday. I can not get over how much Aiden looks like me in some pictures and then I see one of Dale's pictures and I change my mind.
So, the question of the day is.... Who do you think Aiden looks more like? Dale or myself? Please leave me a comment with your vote. Thanks.


  1. Gosh, it's a toss-up!! I think Aiden has Dale's eyes and hair, but the rest is Mama. And Alexis definitely looks like you!! Good job on the scanning... I used to be a scanning pro until we lost the cable. Oops!

  2. It is tough but I think I have to go with Dale on this one

  3. Most definitely looks like Dale!!!! Wow!