Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prisoner In My Own Home

Yesterday we got a little notice taped to our door explaining that the grounds crew would be power washing our building today. I was excited because it REALLY needs it. I was hoping it would have gotten done before we moved in, but that wasn't the case. There are many wasp nests under the eaves and cobwebs like crazy, not to mention the general grime and leaves that get kicked around with every wind storm.

So, I took the necessary precautions yesterday evening and brought in my welcome mate, took the items off the balcony, like the dogs dishes and such and prepared for the outside of my building to sparkle. Being given no specific time I didn't want to wait till morning to do these things because knowing my luck he would be in the midst of washing while I would be scrambling around to bring things in the house.

So, about 8:40 the guy pulled up to our building. This was right as Dale was walking out the door for work and had to ask the guy to move his truck since he was blocking Dale's car in the garage. I thought to myself what perfect timing it was since I didn't have to leave the house till 10:15. It couldn't possible take an hour and half to wash off a building, or could it? Fortunately Aiden slept right through all the noise and even the TV being turned up to compensate for the extra washing noises. I started to get a little worried when he was STILL washing my entrance/exit from the house at 10:00. How was I going to get out of my house in 15 mins. to pick up my Little Miss if he was still blasting the grime off the walls? Images of me scale off my back balcony were flashing through my mind. At 10:10 I was getting paniced and started running through different scenerios. Call a Dad from the class and see if he could take her to his house for a play date till I could come get her? Call my babysitter and ask her to go get her and then have to find a way to pay her? Call the school and tell them I was a prisoner in my house and couldn't come get her? Send out a white flag request for peace from Mr. Powerwash Guy? or just wait it out until 10:15 and then have a panic attack?

At exactly 10:15 the waterfall suddenly stopped and the guy moved on to trap his next unsuspecting victim. I quickly grabbed the baby, the dog (who DESPERATELY needed a potty break at this point), my keys and cell phone and ran out the door only to realize that my carpet all around the front door was soaked now!!! No where in the little taped note did it mention that they would attempt to clean my carpets while power washing the exterior. Hmmm. With no time to deal with that crisis, I closed the door, carefully hurried down the wet stairs with everything in hand, and off to the school just in the nick of time.

Now that we are nestled back in our sparkling clean house, with the puddle on the carpet taken care of, we can rest peacefully, knowing that we are no longer prisoners in our own house. That is until next time Mr. Power Wash Guy strikes again.

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