Thursday, January 8, 2009


We had a doosie (sp?) of one tonight!!! It was a 5.0 magnitude centered about a mile away from us but it felt like we were directly on the center of it all. We felt it like crazy since we are now living in a second floor condo. At first I thought it was just Alexis running around in the kitchen, she isn't exactly the lightest walking person. So I yelled out, "Princess feet baby girl!" To which she replied, "I'm not even walking mom." Then I looked at my hubby and we both realized at the same time that this was not some heavy footed walking, it was a hardcore earthquake. Of course by the time we realized it there wasn't much we could do. The kids didn't even realize it since they were too busy fighting over string cheese and the baby is oblivious to it all right now in sleepy town. No pictures fell off the wall, oh wait, there are no pictures on the walls yet. See, procrastination paid off this time. :) Tried calling my friend in Redlands right away and the network was busy. Everyone must have been calling their friends to check in on them. Dale's parents called within 5 mins. to see if we were all ok. They had felt it all the way out in Palm Desert, about 50 miles away. My mom was next to be called in San Diego, and of course she knew about it already since she is dating a guy that lives up here in my town and they happened to be on the phone at the time it happened.

Now that it is all said and done and the phone calls have been made, it is time to calm down and get to bed. The earthquake emergency backpack is packed somewhere. Might be a good idea to get it out and find it's new home sooner then later. Hopefully no more shake, rattle and rolling here tonight.

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