Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday and Smoke Detector Sensitivity

It's that time of the week again, "Not me!" Monday, where I can confess all the things I did not do this week. If you would like to read about what other mothers did not do this week, do not head on over to MckMama's blog and click on the different links. Join in and have twice the fun as just reading.
I did not, while taking a luke warm shower (seriously, Dale's are 10x hotter then mine), set off the fire alarm in our bedroom. The alarm is not so sensitive that it would be triggered by the steam from the shower. This could not have all been avoided had I turned the exhaust fan on instead of leaving it off to hear what the kids were doing. I did not call for Andrew when I heard the high pitched noise to ask if there truly was a fire somewhere and then get bummed out that it was just a false alarm that was interrupting my few moments of peace. I did not get out of the shower with conditioner still in my hair and soap all over so I could fan the smoke detector to turn it off and then get back in the shower, turning the exhaust fan on of course, so I could finish my business. Needless to say I have not done that again and I did not entertain for a short moment the thought of just taking the alarm out so I could continue enjoying my luke warm showers with the exhaust fan off. That would just be reckless mommy behavior if I had wanted to do that. Thank goodness for technology that keeps us safe, but does it have to be so darn sensitive??

Moving on from that traumatic event that did not happen. I did not praise my doggy, Suzy Q, for having no accidents in the house since the big move, only to walk into Alexis' room moments later and step into a warm wet puddle. I did not proceed to clean it up all while muttering under my breath how she was on thin ice and better watch what she does or she is out. After cleaning it up I did not decide to take the time to reorganize all of Alexis' toy bins. After putting everything in it's proper place I did not proceed to take pictures of each bin so I can print them and tape them to the front of the bin so she will remember where everything goes. I am not tired of resorting them every time I help her clean. After said cleaning/sorting marathon I did not proceed to walk down the hallway toward the living to relax and get stopped dead in my tracks when I stepped in yet another warm wet puddle. YOU DARN DOG!!! Suzy Q did not spend the majority of the remainder of that day out on the deck in the cold wind. And yes, Andrew had done his job and was taking her out consistently that day, she just thought my carpet was more inviting then the grass for some reason. She better snap out of it.

We did not spend hours this week watching home videos and converting them to DVDs. This was not extremely fun but depressing at the same time. Fun to remember all the funny things the kids do, but depressing to see my weight changes morph before me and the reminder that I have not pulled out the video camera once since Aiden came home from the hospital. I have some 'video' time on my digital camera, but nothing like the hours clocked on Andrew and Alexis when they were little. We did not run out right away and buy 6 new tapes and still have not used them to document what Aiden is now doing. I am sure he will be in therapy for years to come since he has 'third child syndrome.'

Ok, I am not procrastinating on the laundry as we speak so I can write all about the things I did not do this past week. Hope everyone does not have a wonderful Monday and remember to not join in the fun by heading over to MckMama's blog for the easy to follow rules.

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