Friday, January 30, 2009

Please, DO NOT Pinch Me!

I felt like I was dreaming yesterday. All day Alexis was super helpful and just all around a pleasant person to be around. She would run and get me a diaper when she knew I needed one. She waited patiently while I fed Aiden and then asked for a refill on her apple juice. She brought me not only her hamper, but ran and gathered up the other hampers in the house so I could sort through all the laundry. She kept her room picked up without me asking. Stayed out of Aiden's face since he hasn't been feeling good at all (pink eye, teething, and 102 fever). She even took a nap yesterday!!! I didn't have to raise my voice at her all day, didn't have to put her on time-out, and didn't feel like I was having to bargain with her to do the simple things. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if this is a dream, DO NOT pinch me!!! So far we are off to another great start today. Hoping this isn't just a fluke, but a new trend for her and I.

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