Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Green Pink Eyed Monster

Well, it is official, the pink eyed monster has come for an unexpected visit. Aiden had been having discharge from his right eye for the past few days. He wasn't really messing with his eye more then usual and just looked like he was crying all the time. Yesterday it started getting really goopy and gross looking so I made a call to his pediatrician to get an appointment to be seen. By the time we arrived for his 8:40 appointment this morning his eye was nasty looking and had spread to his other eye - great! Within seconds she confirmed what I had suspected, he has pink eye! This picture doesn't do it justice, but he is still happy as a clam, and enjoying a baby cookie. Where did he get it? Who knows. He is at home with me all the time except on Sundays for church, where he usually stays with me anyways instead of in the nursery. Dale's boss did have pink eye a few weeks ago but we were never in contact with him and Dale, being the hands off kind of guy that he is (hates hugs), doubts he is the one that brought it home. So for now we have to put drops in his eyes four times a day which he can't stand since they sting a little and we have to use a clean, warm wash cloth to keep it clean. We have told Alexis she can't touch on her brother or she will get pink eye too. We exaggerated and told her that if she got pink eye she would have to get medicine and a shot. No she wouldn't need a shot but that is about the only thing that will keep her from touching all over him since she loaths shots more then anything in the world. If that makes me a bad mommy for embellishing the consequences, then so be it. It works for me. She loves to rub all over him and often gets in his face, a recipe for instant exposure to the pink monster. I am praying we can get through this with only Aiden having it, but the doctor wasn't very optimistic and gave us 2 refills on the medicine just in case someone else gets it so we don't have to go back for a doctor's visit, which results in another copay. Makes my eyes itch just talking about it. Hand sanitizer anyone?


  1. Oh, I don't envy you, Joy! I don't know if there is anything nastier than pink-eye. And then you have to stay home so you don't expose anyone - ugh! I lie to my kids all the time - don't worry about it! I tell them that if they go outside without mittens when its cold, their fingers will fall off!

  2. Ewww. That is the most contagious thing too. Do what you got to to keep Alexis, and Andrew, from getting it. Hope he cooperates with the drops....