Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Parade

Last Saturday night was the local Christmas parade. We have only been one other time when Alexis was a year old, and had a great time. But, this time was different because Andrew was going to be marching with the Elementary band, playing his trumpt. It was perfect weather, not too cold but cold enough to justify saying Merry Christmas. We got there super early to check Andrew in and then had our pick of places to sit. We chose to sit by the local shops, which gave me an excuse to window shop before the parade began.

Here is Andrew with his less then enthusiastic smile for his crazy, camera carrying, mom. When did he get to old (or cool) to smile for the camera?
Alexis is trying to give herself bunny ears as we wait for the parade to start. By about the 10th entry (out of 97!!!!) she was ready to go home, regardless if Santa was going to be at the end. Aiden loves to hang out on Daddy's shoulders. Daddy's not too sure about the slobber hitting his head. Aiden really enjoyed all the lights on the floats and the bands, he would start kicking his legs and getting all excited.

Unfortunately this was the best picture I got of the band as they ZOOMED on by. I LOVE my camera. @@ (rolling my eyes). The band did an awesome job! Andrew said his legs were dead before he even got down the first block. We no more then buckled our seat belts before Aiden and Alexis fell asleep. Andrew was very tired but had too much to say before he could drift off to sleep. We are already looking forward to next years parade, where hopefully Andrew will still be playing the trumpet.

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