Wednesday, December 3, 2008

JcPenney Experience

Let's just start off by saying it was NOT pleasant. I was shocked that I got front row parking and thought to myself, 'this is too easy.' Well, that was about the only easy thing of the whole experience. We had a 10:40 appointment to get Aiden's 9 month pictures taken. I get them taken each month on the 3rd so this was nothing out of the ordinary. When I get there to check in there is a room full of people, and screaming kids. I give the lady my name and she says, "Maybe you would like to walk around for a little while, we are running THIRTY minutes late." YIKES, my little guy is as happy as a clam NOW, who knows what kind of melt downs will occur between now and then. Not really wanting to stroll around a crowded store with not only Aiden and all his belongs, but also Alexis and her preschool buddy, Carston, who I am watching today, we decided to stay put and hope that standing around might put some pressure on them to HURRY UP! No such luck. He did not get his picture taken till 11:45, a whole hour and five minutes after our appointment time. The photographer has taken his picture many times before and already knew it was going to be a simple, easy shoot. Which surprisingly it was even after the long wait. He flashed his cheesy smile, did his shy flirty thing, and showed her he now knows how to pull himself up and stand holding onto something. She did great with him as usual and even mentioned how cute he is but that she really misses his wide smile too. Then we had to wait again for them to mess around with the photos and put them into silly enhancements, even though they all know I just want a basic 8x10, a few wallets, and to get out the door. FINALLY, at 12:20 I had paid for my pictures and was dragging three (four if you count me) tired, impatient, hungry, cranky little ones to the car (thankfully we were parked in the front row). I will have to scan and post the picture when I get it back next week.

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  1. Well at least the picture-taking part was good!! What is it with studios??? Ugh! Do they not realize kids have a very small window in which they'll cooporate? Duh!!

    Wow, you get his picture taken EVERY month? That's fun! I think I would stress myself out with what to have him wear. But I guess if you're doing it a lot, it's no big deal. Can't wait to see the scanned pic!