Monday, December 8, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

Well, it is Monday again, so here is a whole new list of things I most certainly did not do this week.

*I did not leave 4 loads of laundry piled on my couch for 2 days, promising to get to them as soon as possible. Of course every piece of clothing in my house is promptly folded and hung up the second it emerges from the drier, so as to prevent wrinkling.

*I did not have my daughter wear the same pair of socks two days in a row to school because she didn't have any more clean socks. All laundry is cleaned the minute it hits my laundry room floor.

*I did not enjoy watching my son march in his first band parade and get complete upset when my wonderful (roll eyes) camera couldn't focus fast enough to catch him whizzing on by with the rest of the band. UGH!! I would never throw a fit in front of other grown adults.

*I did not tell the neighbors I still needed more newspapers for packing just so I could get the coupons out of their Sunday paper they NEVER read.

*I did not cook brownies and biscuits this weekend just to warm up the house since our heater is not working. And Dale is not procrastinating on getting it fixed because he likes me making the brownies I most certainly did not make to heat the house up.

*I did not dye my hair reddish since I know that my husband prefers blonde. I did not do this just because I could and really wanted a change of scenery. I did not come to regret that decision and wish that I had just done what my husband preferred, that would be admitting I was wrong and he was right about what hair color looks best on me.

*I did not catch my mom getting caught up in a renting scam from Nigeria. The fact that such people exist and do such awful things does not make me angry that they almost pulled one over on her. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And come on people, work on your grammar and punctuation if you are going to present yourself as educated Americans working in Nigeria for our governement.

*I am not currently ignoring chores around the house just to spend time posting all the things I did not do this past week.

I am sure there are many other things I did not do this week. To check out what other people have not done this week, head on over to MckMama's blog. Also check out how awesome she is doing on her Rebel For a Cause donation drive. And, don't just check it out, join in!! Hope everyone does not have a blessed week!!

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  1. I popped on over from Heather's blog and notcied you had some Not Me's! to read. :o) I do not currently have ~5 loads of laundry on chairs and couches in my living room just waiting to be folded either!!