Thursday, December 25, 2008

Aiden's 1st Christmas

I wonder what I am going to get for Christmas?Can I have some of big brother's stuff? Opening his stocking. Nana gave him a sucker that he loves and he also got a noise maker. WOW!! A HUGE Peek-a-block play station.
A Cookie Monster and Elmo car. We have just discovered his love of cars. He could spend an hour just rolling them around on the kitchen floor. When he is done playing with them he usually tries to eat them. Yummy metal.
Daddy reading him his new Elmo book
And new farm counting book. I hope that he also has the same love of reading as his big brother does.
To go with that huge peek-a-block play station, a box FULL of peek-a-blocks!
Nana bought him a stuffed Goofy. If he is anything like his mommy, he will love Goofy.
Messing with the tree ornaments.
Oh Man Mom!! Now what are you making me do?
Too cute in his Christmas hat and stockings. Look Mom, no hands!!
Can I take this hat off now?


  1. Aiden is looking great! I looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Merry Christmas and happy new year!
    (Tina from VBAC hope)

  2. Rachel LOVED those blocks when she had some. We still have the ABC ones. Looks like ha had a great 1st Christmas!