Thursday, December 25, 2008

Andrew's Christmas

This movie has been hidden right under his nose since the day it came out. He has asked me for it everytime he saw it in the stores. Daddy and him are enjoying it as I type. Santa brought Andrew a Tech Deck set. Had Mommy known how many small (microscopic small) parts there where, we might have had a heart to heart talk with Santa about this gift. Andrew and his love of reading. This book will probably be finished before he closes his eyes tonight.This is an AWESOME book I found at Toys 'R Us. It has a button at the bottom that you push and it gives you a number to look up. You go to that number and read a trivia question, input your answer and then get scored. It is ALL about Star Wars. There are 2,500 questions!!! Hours and hours of fun there.
This is the famous calendar that 'someone' might be giving me for Christmas. I LOVE it!! I has a picture of Andrew and Alexis at the top (I might add a little mug shot of Aiden to the side of it) and then art drawn by Andrew around the edges. He did an awesome job and it is exactly what I needed.

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