Sunday, December 14, 2008


On Saturday, while Charity's kiddos were visiting, we decided to decorate some snowmen cookies. The kids all had a great time getting their hands dirty with a little frosting (I think Alexis intentionally got more on her's so she could lick them off). Here is the fun told by pictures.
Andrew concentrating on his cookie creation.

Alexis putting the "carrot" nose no her snowwoman.

Desiree did an awesome job frosting her cookies.

Andrew was very pleased with his final men.

Alexis and her two snowmen. "When can we eat them?" (she is my sugar tooth girl!)

Desiree's yummy cookies.

Caleb and his finished snowmen.

And now the fun begins in eating them. Love the frosting mustache on Caleb.

Tatiana woke up from her nap just in time to enjoy a delicious snowman that her Mommy had made.

And the remainder of the snowmen that escaped the mouths of the kids (for now).

I think they turned out cute. Cookies include: Twizzlers for top of the ear muffs, lifesavers (next time I think I might use gumdrops for the ear muffs instead), M&Ms for eyes, candy orange slices cut into small trianular pieces for the nose, and black frosting for the coal smile.
Thank you Charity and kiddos for helping us have a fun time decorating cookies. It is always fun to have you at the house.


  1. This are so cute!!! The kids all did such a great, great job!

  2. Those turned out great! I'll have to remember that when Aidan's big enough to help in the kitchen! Yum, I'm hungry for cookies now. Thanks a lot. : )