Sunday, December 28, 2008

Howse Family Christmas

On Friday we went to Palm Desert to spend time with Dale's entire family. This was the first time that many of them had seen Aiden. He had only met his grandma and grandpa and two of his cousins. He was a little unsure of all the people at first who knew him but yet he had no clue who they were. Over time he warmed up and really enjoyed all the extra love. The kids' Howse cousins are all older then them (the youngest is 20) so they treat them more like aunts and uncles, but always with lots and lots of love.

Alexis and Andrew got some books from Grandma and Grandpa. did Aiden - he has really started loving books and being read to.Aunt Dawn and Uncle Ralph, from Oregon, got each of the kids an Oregon football shirt, perfect timing since Andrew's last shirt was getting a little small.....and a cute pink one for Alexis.Cousin Candace reads with Aiden and Alexis.Spending some lap time with GrandpaIt was awesome to have Uncle Ralph come and visit from Oregon. We all wish they lived closer.Some cousin love from Gabrielle, who lives in Bakersfield. She had seen Aiden one other time but today was the first time she got to spend some time with him.Cousin Gabe with Alexis.Candace and Aiden. Candace lives a block away from us and the kids LOVE when she comes to play with them. She is such an awesome helper for Dale and I and usually bails us out when we are in a pinch.Cousin Jessica, from Bakersfield. She is awesome with Aiden. She could get him to giggle like there is no tomorrow. She really has a knack for kids.Cousin Liz, from Bakersfield, with Aiden and Alexis. Some how I never got a picture of her hubby, Josh.Auntie Deana, Uncle Anthony, Candace and Gabrielle with Aiden.Auntie Danette, from Bakersfield, with Aiden.He was SO exhausted by the time we had lunch but wouldn't go to sleep for fear of missing out on the fun. He finally crashed on Auntie Deana's lap, as long as he had his blanket tag near his mouth.
Alexis LOVES playing the piano with Grandma. I remember sitting on the bench with my grandma when I was little. I know that she too will hold that as a special memory.
Uncle Bob, from Bakersfield, with Aiden.
The entire family. Only 4 cousins and their families were missing, along with one brother. In all there 19 of us there. We all had a great time catching up on each others' lives.
Aiden with Grandma and Grandpa. Aiden said 'ga ma' (translation: grandma) for the first time that day.
Grandpa was being naughty and trying to teach Aiden how to walk. He really isn't ready to walk, he barely takes one or two cautious steps along the couch and does not initiate moving his feet when someone holds his hands. That is all fine with me because I am not ready for a walker. I just want to make it through the move and get settled before I have to deal with that.
Auntie Dawn watches as Hannah (Liz and Josh's daughter) holds Aiden. Everytime she would walk past him she would say, "baby baby." She loved being able to hold him. She is an adorable almost 2 year old. We had not seen her since she was a little infant. Aiden on the other hand was not too sure about being held at that time and only wanted his mommy.
Spending some snuggle time with Daddy.
Grandma tried to rock him to sleep but there was just too much going on around him.
Auntie Dawn with the kiddos in their antler ears.
All smiles for Mom. He just melts my heart. (his scar is doing great, just the one spot has a knot that we are trying to massage out.)
Being showered with kisses by Uncle Ralph.
The kiddos with Uncle Ralph and Auntie Dawn. Our time with them was way too short. We are hoping to be able to go visit them in Oregon at some point. I and the kids have never met their two kids, Matthew and Tiffany and her family.
Grandma, Grandpa and the kiddos.
Ok, if you made it through all the pictures then I am impressed. We all had a great time and enjoyed the wonderful weather as we ate lunch out on the patio. We wish we could have spent more time and hope that the next time we see everyone is not that long from now.


  1. Sounds like a fun day! When do you guys officially move???

  2. Wow, so many OLD cousins!! Looks like they all were loving on Aiden! Boo Oregon Ducks!!! I did NOT enjoy seeing that yellow and green. : ) I'm a purple and gold Husky fan, even if they're the worst team this year!

    Aiden's scar IS looking great. Do you believe massage is helping/has helped? Aidan's is horrible and I just keep thinking the massage isn't helping at all... so I'm just waiting it out until the lip revision surgery. But maybe I should be making a better effort (and thinking more positively?).

    Looks like you had a great time!