Monday, December 22, 2008

Most Certainly Not Me! Monday

YEAH!!! It's Monday again. Time to fess up to all the things I most certainly did NOT do this past week. Head on over to MckMama's blog to check out what other moms most certainly are NOT doing either.

*When making a pot roast stew this week and being distracted by an adorable 9 month old, I most certainly did NOT start peeling the potatoes into the crock pot instead of into the sink.

*I most certainly did NOT then grab the peelings out of the crock pot quickly and not mention it to anyone till after they had eaten a most scrumptious dinner.

*I most certainly did NOT dump a dozen peach flavored puffs directly on the kitchen floor so that said adorable nine month old would give me about 5 minutes of peace to finish throwing the meal together.

*I most certainly did NOT pull over to the side of the road and kick my mom out of the car to walk to David's house instead of driving her the few blocks directly to his house because I was already 15 mins late getting the kids to church for their play practice. What kind of daughter would kick their mom out of the car? Hey, at least I slowed down before I most certainly did not do that. And it was a most beautiful day when I most certainly did not do that. And she did want to get a good morning walk in when I most certainly did not do that. Ok, enough of that. Now I am starting to sound like I am justifying why I did something that I most certainly did not do.

*I most certainly did NOT panic when the washer at our new place would not stop filling with water, creating a waterfall effect off the patio and into the neighbor's yard below. Of course I was calm, cool, and collected the entire time as I tried to muscle the water valve into the off position to just make it stop. I most certainly did NOT go knocking on my neighbors' doors to find a man home who could lend me his muscles. And they most certainly do NOT all think there is a crazy woman moving into unit #2100. I did NOT take my husband back over to the place later that night when he got home from a long day at work (even though he had the chills and major headache) to show him what was happening to then have the washer work perfectly fine. UGH!! I felt like I was in a twilight zone.

*I most certainly did NOT cry when I saw what my sister and her friend Hilda had done to our new place while we were gone at church. The LAYERS of grime (a house full of football players lived there before us) were gone from the bathrooms and kitchen. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I was dreading having to clean the entire place while juggling packing and having some sense of a normal Christmas this week.

*And lastly, I most certainly did NOT jump up and down (well, not literally, but internally) when my sister offered to take Alexis to her house in San Diego for the next few days so that we can all have a little peace from my very free spirited little girl. Aiden won't know what to do with himself when she isn't touching him ALL day long or trying to put bows in his hair. Andrew won't know what to do without her constantly destroying his lego creations and trashing his room intentionally to make him mad. And I won't know what to do without her constantly whining, touching everything and stomping down the hall during the crucial nap times. Can you say middle child syndrome? I love her dearly, but we are all looking forward to a few days break from it all. She WILL most certainly be missed!

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Join in the Not Me! Monday fun. Trust me, it is very therapeutic. (And why does that word sound weird to me today, like puke? I most certainly do NOT have a nine year old who is into talking about bodily functions too much, at the dinner table no less).


  1. What a doozy of a week you had!! Love throwing Mama from the car, putting peels in the pot roast, and the overflowing washer. And hooray for a few days without your girl! It's ok to be excited about a break. : ) Have a good one!

  2. I LOVE these posts! Absolutely LOVE them!

  3. one of these days I am going to be brave enough to post all of the things I most certainly do NOT do...these are hilarious!!!!

  4. LOL! Too funny Joy! Had to laugh at the bows in the hair. My poor son had 2 sisters that did that too, along with the nail polish and make up if they could get their hands on it. He turned out just fine and will be married in March. So he was not forever scarred and isnt afraid of girls. :) Enjoy your "quiet" time. And thanks for admitting the things you most certainly did not and would not do.....reminds me of.....I will not eat green eggs and ham, I will NOT eat them Sam I am!