Friday, December 5, 2008

9 Month Check-up

Aiden had his well baby 9 month check-up this morning and he did a great job. He always has a great disposition, but really seems to bring on the charm for the nurses and doctor. They all love to love all over him when we are there. I forgot to bring my little record book with me so I had the nurse write his numbers down on the silly paper liner - here they are: Weight - 18 lbs 3 oz (almost doubled since birth), 10 percential; Height - 28 1/4 in, 50 percential (up from 21 inches at birth); and Head - 43 cm, -5 percential, so not even on the charts. I found it ironic that Heather's Aidan had the same stats at his SIX month check up. Click on the link and read about Aidan's sixth month check up. I need to get some tips from Heather on how to beef up, stretch out and increase the noggin size of my guy.

Back to my little guy.... she said he is right on with all of his milestones and even a little advanced with his fine motor skills. Trust me, he practices those ALL day long, finding every TINY piece of whatever on the carpet and trying to eat them. His ears and the tubes look great and are staying put. And, he only needed one shot, plus an iron check; both of which he tolerated great (thank you numbing spray). She was a little concerned about his diapers (the obesessive mom that I am took a picture of one the other day and brought the camera with me to show her - I know, gross pictures of stinky diapers, LOVELY). He makes little pebble diapers ALL the time and rarely has a regular bowel movement. She said the pebbles is a sign of not getting enough liquids. We are going to try to force feed more liquids (which if you saw the feeding post from the other day, that is not easy). We are also going to add a little prune juice to the formula and give him more fruits through out the day to increase his liquid intake and get those diapers back to normal. They have been like this since before his surgery, so over 2 months at this point. In one respect I don't complain about the diapers because they are very easy to clean up, really nothing at all. On the other hand I know they are not normal so we need to do something about him - he can't have rabbit droppings the rest of his life.

Enough about poop. :) Alexis was glad she didn't have to get the shot, but instead got a sticker and lollipop. Aiden once again does all the work and she gets all the rewards. There's something not right about that all. We are all clear till his one year old check up. I won't gross you out with the diaper pictures, so instead here is a picture of Aiden right before the nurse came in with his shot. With a big smile on his face, he has no idea what is about to happen.

Aiden's newest abilities - walking along the couch and transitioning from leaning on Daddy to holding onto the couch. Dale and I are taking bets on when he will walk on his own. He says before Christmas, I am holding my breath and hoping it won't be till after Christmas. He also learned to pound his fists on his highchair tray when I don't feed him fast enough. Too cute! He will also growl at you if you take away his toy or blanket. He is just growing up WAY too fast.


  1. What a cutie pie!! I love this picture!
    He is growing up fast...can't beleive he'll be walking in no time...

  2. Sorry I'm finally getting to this post again!! I can't believe that our boys are the same size. I'm trying to picture my Aidan sitting there... he has a little less hair than yours, but that's about the only difference. Yikes!!!

    Love that he's holding himself up and pounding the tray! Aidan just start pounding his too, but I don't think it's to get more food (he just always wants to steal the spoon!). : )

    Hope he doesn't start walking until AFTER Christmas!!! Or you'll have a lot of your hands for the holidays!