Monday, December 15, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

Here we are at my favorite blogging day of the week. Where I can confess all the things I have NOT done this week. So here we go....

*I did not just smell a stinky diaper a little bit ago, look at the clock, calculate the hours, and determine that it would be WAY too long to let him sit in it till Dale came home. No such luck getting out of this one.

*I did not eat a snowman cookie for breakfast, while telling my kiddos they needed to finish their cereal because they needed to have a quality breakfast to fuel their brains before they went to school.

*I did not go to our new place this past week, measure every room, and then proceed to come home and make a small scale model of all my furniture so I could figure out where everything is going to go. And this whole adventure most certainly did not cause my husband to go to bed by himself while I stayed up to finish just one more thing.

*I did not get a phone call on Thursday informing me that Aiden has a cleft team appointment today that I had no idea about. This did not cause a major panic to get insurance approval and pre-authorizations before today's appointment, as well as rearranging schedules and getting childcare for the other kiddos. Seems as if the only people who knew about this appointment were the cleft team. When was this appointment made? Love the fact that we get to go, but frustrated that they just arbitrarily get scheduled without regard to our lives and schedules. (update to come after today's appointment) When I asked at the last PS appointment when he would need to be seen by the team again, we were told that he would be seen around his 1st birthday. We thought we had till March for our next team appointment. Let's just hope and pray that this team meeting isn't as disappointing as all the other ones. We hope that everyone will be there that we want to see and that we don't waste a bunch of time.

*Aiden did not get dressed in a pair of pjs Saturday night, wear them all day Sunday, go to bed in them last night still and is now napping in them at 8:30 this morning. He will be bathed and changed when he wakes up from his nap. This mommy would never allow her baby to stay in the same clothes for over 36 hours.

*I do not feel better now that I have gotten that all off my chest.

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  1. Oh man, what a terrible day to have to go sit at Loma Linda for an appt. It's a day to stay inside and not go anywhere except picking up kids from school.

    I see NOTHING wrong in wearing PJs for that many hours. Sounds great to me, if only we could all do it! LOL. I say give him a bath and put him back in warm jammies before heading out to L.L.