Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday!

This is my first attempt at confessing all the things I did NOT do this past week. Check out other posting at MckMama's site

I most certainly did not have my almost 9 month old sit in a poopy diaper till Daddy got home 20 minutes later, and then pretend it had just happened and that I was too busy preparing dinner, could he please change it. I would never do such a torturous thing to my baby and to my husband.

I also did not help both of my children clean their rooms, threatening that Santa would not visit if they had such messy rooms. I did not sit there and secretly throw away all the silly McD toys that seem to multipy in their toy bins. And, I most certainly did not claim ignorance when they later asked for one of those silly toys.

I did not get a sense of immense pleasure watching my 9 yr old and 4 year old run around the house asking what they could do next because they want to be on the "Super good boy and girl list." Where would they have come up with such a thing? And I have not perpetuated that myth and used it towards my advantage each day this past week. Of course that wasn't me who allowed my 4 year old to vacuum her own room and then convinced the 9 year old that vacuuming the living room would help him earn browny points. What kind of mother would have their kids vacuuming for them? NOT me!

I did not sit around depressed in my pjs all day on Thursday that we were not celebrating Thanksgiving till Saturday. The plan was set to include my husband in the festivities on his day off, so of course I was not sad that everyone else was eating turkey while we were not. I did not sulk around until my husband turned on a movie that I would like to watch instead of a movie the whole family would have loved. I am much too mature to do something so childish.

I did not ignore two phone calls from friends, knowing they would take 30 mins each, when what I really wanted to do was blog about something. Blogging has in no way taken over my life and my friends are way too important to be ignored. There is no way I did that!

Well, that is all I can remember about the things I most certainly did not do this past week. On to a new week of things I will not do.


  1. Love your list, especially the poopy diaper avoidance trick!

  2. OH. MY. GOSH! You crack me up! I love this post. And for the record, I don't throw away all the silly, cheap, Kids Meal toys either. And I also don't have a clue as to where they might possibly be when they can't be found!!! LOL.

  3. LOVE the poopy diaper trick too... I have NOT done that one to my husband! : ) haha I would've been bummed to not have Thanksgiving on Thursday either. We had it on Thursday, but had ham instead of turkey. It was JUST WRONG!! (not my idea!) I love when people make children their little slaves... I can't wait until Aidan can vacuum for me!

    Great job on your Not Me! Monday!! Sorry I didn't read it sooner, or I would've mentioned yours on my blog, being your first post (like I did with Krissy's).