Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quick Birthday Party Post

Well, today was THE big day, and we had a great time. The weather was awesome, 84 degrees and lots of sun. Aiden was a little out of sorts since he had a short morning nap, and actually slept the entire first hour of his own party. I will have lots more pictures to share tomorrow when I get the photos from my photographer (it was awesome to sit back and enjoy the party and not be stuck behind the camera the entire time!!).
Sporting his new frog sunglasses."Look at my new wheels. Watch out world, here I come."
Darcy did such an awesome job on the cakes!!! Everyone loved them. (Pictures of him digging in will be posted tomorrow hopefully)
It was awesome to see Darcy and Rachel again. I am very blessed to have Darcy in my life to help answer all my cleft questions. She is so willing to share her experiences and for that I am very grateful!! Beyond her invaluable advice, she is an incredible person to know.
Check out that cute, 'hop to it', bum.
And now he is officially a big boy in a big boy carseat. Shhhh... don't tell the cops that he doesn't actually turn one till Tues. He simply no longer could fit in his baby seat. It had been stretched to the longest length and could barely be clipped in without pushing down pretty hard on his shoulders. He loves facing forward and has lots of room to grow!!


  1. Thank You for your sweet words! I'm so blessed the Lord brought us together. We had a great time and you have some very nice and friendly friends who made it easy to be there!

    Get some rest! You deserve it!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Aiden!!!! What a cute froggie bum you have! : ) Can't wait for the full recap. Glad it went so well and he even got to nap! The cakes turned out awesome and I'm so excited you had a photographer! As much as I love being behind the camera, on my Aidan's 1st, it would be nice having someone else catching the shots.

    Whew! It's over. Relax!

  3. I love the pictures. What a wonderful time we all had sharing in Aiden's first birthday!! I praise the Lord that God has worked such a miracle in our precious Aiden's life. God certainly has wonderful plans for our little guy. Love to you MOM (using Joy's comput)

  4. WoooHoooo....Happy Birthday, Aidan!!! Love the froggie cake...and am envious that you are able to be friends with Rachel and great is that???? Hope your day was a great one, kiddo!