Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Come join me on this free therapy Monday. Get comfy on the couch and get prepared to confess all the things we did not do this week. Then, head on over to MckMama's blog to read what other mommies are not doing.

I did not break the preschool rules and take Aiden with me to Alexis' class. I have not had the opportunity to work in Alexis' class because I always have Aiden. She reminds me of this often, which really tugs at my heart because I want more then anything to be involved in her class. So, I took my chances and just showed up to her class for her Valentine's Day party, baby in toe. I was not then approached by a snooty mom (mind you not the teacher) who was kindly rudely reminding me that the rules state no siblings are allowed. I did not then proceed to stick around regardless of the dirty looks I was getting. I did NOT want a repeat of the Halloween party where everyone got picked up early, leaving my little one there by herself since I couldn't be a part of the party.She was so jazzed to have me there and showed me everything she does during her school day.

She was not super proud of her Valentine's Day shoe box. She did a great job decorating it and really enjoyed getting lots of fun cards and treats from her friends. We are not now on sugar rations from the whole weekend.The kids and I did not enjoy going to story and craft time at the school, where they got to decorate these cool Valentine's picture frames. The frames are not still sitting on my bar waiting for a picture to be placed in them. Of course I promptly came home and put a picture in them so they could be displayed right away.

I am not super proud of my son making intermediate band that I immediately began calling everyone to brag share with them his accomplishment. And of course Aiden is not at all curious about the noises that come out of the end of that shiny thing.

I was not saddened by the fact that my husband forgot Valentine's Day and didn't even get me so much as a card. (**I am NOT, seriously, trying to make him feel guilty for this, I know that he works long and hard hours to provide for our family**) Andrew did not make up for this sadness by making me a homemade card when we got home from grandma and grandpa's house. He is my super sensitive guy and really seems to take after my dad, who always spoiled my mom.

Alexis did not make us all laugh at the grandparents' house when she had the following conversation with grandma:

Grandma: Are you J-E-A-L-O-U-S? Alexis: No, I am A-L-E-X-I-S

I am not happy that today is a non-school day since it is raining pretty hard right now. I do not enjoy sitting around with my kiddos, all of us in our jammies till noon, when it is yucky outside.

Alexis did not make me laugh really hard this morning when she woke up asking what we are suppose to do to celebrate Presidents' Day. She was hoping this celebration included exchanging gifts and getting more chocolates and candies. This girl has a one track mind, SWEETS!

HAPPY PRESIDENTS' DAY! Don't forget to stop on in at MckMama's blog to read what other moms are not doing. Better yet, join in the fun and have a free therapy session where you can download about all the things you have never done.

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  1. Great not me! Mondays I thought your not me's was very amusing keep em coming