Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sometimes You Get More Then You Bargain For

Aiden has started this new thing with kissing. If you make the noise he will generally kiss back. If you pucker your lips he will usually pucker up, lean in and give you a kiss. If you are holding him and he wildly flaps his arms and hits you (happens often), then he will lean and kiss it to make it all better. Well, those lovely kisses now have a suprise in them. He was leaning in for a kiss and then right before our lips touched he slipped his little tongue out. Come on kid!! Where did you learn that? Not exactly what I call endearing. Since he got a reaction from it, now that is all he wants to do. The little lizard won't give me a regular kiss anymore, he has to try and slip the tongue in there with every opportunity given. Hopefully this is just a tongue phase and not a life long problem of kisses with a last minute suprise.


  1. Oooo . . . Don't worry, Abby's done that a few times.

  2. Well, he may end up more popular with the girls later on! Sam is 15 mo. and still won't kiss!