Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here we are at another weekly installment of "Not Me!" Monday, a time were we can confess all the things we did not do this week. If you want to read what other moms are not doing then head on over to Mckmama's blog for some free therapy and plenty of laughs.
*I did not drive the kids to school 4 out of the 5 days last week because I was too lazy to walk them through the condo complex and across the street (yes, it is literally that close). Granted one of those days I was subbing at the school and one other day it was drizzling a little. See I am still justifying my laziness. I need to break that bad habit and get those tennis shoes back on more consistently.
*I did not spend three nights this past week getting up multiple times during the night to check my little guy's temperature, only to find that it was spiking at 102 degrees almost every time. He did not then proceed to have a normal temp all day long. What's up with that? Night time temperatures only. Hmmmm
*I am not starting to plan Aiden's 1st birthday party already since he turns 11 months tomorrow. Why is that they have the cutest little girl stuff but I can't seem to find what I want for my adorable little guy? I am thinking about just making up my own stuff. Frogs maybe. "Hop on over to a TOADily unFROGettable party!!" That might need a little more thought. I am also not toadily thinking about asking Darcy if she will consider making a frog cake for my little guy. She has made some cute stuff and we are lucky enough to live pretty close to her. :)
*We did not successfully make it through the pink eyed monster with only one kiddo having it. We adverted the monster spreading with constant washing and fear of the (nonexsistent) shot that would follow if she caught it.
*I did not thoroughly enjoy the E*trade Super Bowl commercial with the babies 'talking.' I think those are SO funny. I did NOT (seriously) enjoy the Go Daddy commercials!! Thankfully the kids were occupied with playing in their rooms or enjoying the food in the kitchen. Why? That's all I have to say about that.
*And lastly, my husband does not think I have toadily lost my mind this past week. Or, maybe he has always thought that but has just come to the point of verbalizing it.


  1. I would be honored to make a frog cake for the little guys BIG birthday!!! And I totally don't even think it's too soon to be planning it either! LOVE the ideas thus far!! Hannah's birthday is in April and I already have a theme, party favors, and stuff thought out. LOL. I'm like that though, I sometimes have the theme and idea for the next years birthday the day after the current birthday. LOL.

  2. I've been planning Aidan's first birthday in my head since birth!! Well, at least the guest list. : ) I love the "toadily" froggie theme! Very cute. You could play leap frog... and, um, I was gonna make a big 'ol list, but that's all I got. Hopefully you'll be more creative than me. : )