Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yet ANOTHER Plastic Surgeon Post-Op

We had our SEVENTH post-op appointment with Aiden's plastic surgeon today. Why so many? We are asking the same thing. I know they did a lot with his surgery; repaired his lip, nose, palate, gum line and tubes in the ears. This just seems very excessive and an excuse to charge our insurance for yet another visit and us a co-pay. Most days we have to wait an hour minimum to be seen for less then 5 minutes. He always comes in, says a few words, has his hand on the door like he is ready to run, and then does so shortly after saying hello. Today the actually visit wasn't much different, but the wait time was nothing. We were in and out of our 3:00 appointment by 3:10!! WOW, that has never happened there before. He did say that Aiden seems to have too much tissue in his upper lip, which is the best negative outcome one could ask for from the surgery. He doesn't want to touch it till we watch it for a while since sometimes that can correct itself as the repair heals. If we were to go in and correct it now then we could do more damage. We talked about the need for a good pediatric dentist to help prevent cavities early and the potential for a cosmetic surgery before school starts depending on the continued healing of his repair. Overall I don't feel it was all that necessary of a visit, but hey, Alexis got a sticker out of the whole deal.

We did get a chance to stop by his old orthodontist's office (Dr. Garcia, who did his NAM). We always love saying hello and letting her love all over him. She is now 7 months pregnant with her own little guy. She could not get over how big Aiden has gotten, nor the fact that he will be 1 in two weeks. And as always, she was super impressed with how well his cleft repair turned out. She took the time to show off Aiden to her students, and showed us pictures of the other little bilateral girl she did the NAM on after Aiden's was completed. I had seen some of the pictures already, but was super interested to see the after surgery pics. She looked great! Dr. Garcia does such an awesome job and is a major assett to the cleft team. And, if she mothers anything like she has cared for my kiddo as if he was her own, then 'little Eric' is very lucky to have her as his mom.

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