Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Because....

....he loves me!! These are my favorite kind of flowers to get, the just because flowers. Not attached to a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's day or other 'flower' day. But, just because!
Aiden's new obsessions:
1.) The vertical blinds in the living room. Boy can he go wild with those.
2.) The cords of course. This one is his favorite. 3.)Is also pictured above. The ziploc container lid. That kid could have hours of fun playing with it, though by the time I got new batteries put in the camera to take a picture, he had moved on to the cord. He loves to look through the lid and just giggles.

Hold on Aiden, that must be one crazy dream.

"Oh, Alexis is so close. Maybe I can reach out and get her hair."

"Getting a little closer and she still doesn't notice me..........""Almost there........ Wait for it......"
"Got her!!! But wait, she doesn't look as happy as me."

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