Friday, February 20, 2009

But Mom.... will people know what is going on in our lives if you don't blog every day?" (actually spoken by a very smart 9 year old). Didn't know I had blogging fans out there, or maybe those are just my husband and children who ask me as they walk in the door if there is anything to read on the blog for the day.

I had to take a break from blogging the past few days due to a severe sinus infection, amongst other stuff. I could barely hold my head up, my nose was dripping like crazy, my lungs hurt just to breath, my jaw and neck were getting stiff, a fever of 102.7, had a cough that would not stop and felt like knives cutting my throat each time, and when I inhaled through my nose I would get a lightning bolt of pain shot into my left eye. Not fun at all!!!

So, I bit the bullet and called for a pre-registration appointment with our urgent care. That pre-registration idea is a major God send. Most times you go and wait for hours (read about Aiden's awful experience with that), but with this whole new system you can call and get a pre-arranged arrival time. I got there 5 mins. before my time, checked in, gave my co-pay, and sat down to get comfy for the long wait. Little did I know how great this experience would end up being. I was called back by the triage nurse at 5:01, sat back down out in the lobby and then was called back to a room at 5:04. The doctor entered at 5:12, not nearly enough time to read the magazine article that had captured my attention. The longest part of the appointment was waiting for the nurse to come back in with a shot of antibiotics in the hip that hurt like heck. Then I had to take a nap wait for 20 mins to make sure I didn't have a negative reaction.

I walked out of there at 5:40 with two prescriptions in hand and an order to come back tomorrow (well, technically today as of this post) to be rechecked. I was disappointed that he didn't give me an off work order though. I had asked for one but when he asked what kind of work I do, I replied, "I'm a mom so could you print it out, my kids don't read cursive very well," he pretty much just laughed at me and wished me luck with getting enough rest.

So here I am, still feeling yucky and wondering when the relief is going to come. I am travelling to San Diego tomorrow to spend time with my mom, all my sisters (3) and their families (12 kids total), and my grandma who is visiting from OH. I really want to be feeling good not just for selfish reasons, but because I don't want to get anyone sick. Doc says I am no longer contagious once the antibiotics have been in my system for 24 hours so we are covered there, but would be nice to enjoy my time instead of being miserable. Hoping to make a turn around in the next 18 hours. Prayers are appreciated.

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