Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Crunch Time

We are about 48 hours out from Aiden's 1st birthday party, and there is LOTS to get done. The goody bags have been stuffed, the gifts have been purchased, the balloons have been ordered, and lots of emails have been exchanged on the details of the cake. Dale's car has not been working the past two days so he has taken my car to work both yesterday and today. I am very thankful that we have two cars, but it sure makes it inconvenient when I have SO many errands that need to be run. Instead of getting it done during the day time, we have been jumping in the car the minute he gets home and then try and get some of it done while dragging three kids around. Tonight will be no different. I need to get his car fixed, the food picked up so I can get it all prepped tomorrow, and the kids all need haircuts. Wishing some of these things could wait till tomorrow but I have an all day walking field trip I am volunteering on for Andrew's class, and I know I won't have the energy to do it tomorrow after school. So I am hoping that Dale and the kids are ready to hit the ground running when Dale gets home at 4:00. In the mean time I am trying to get everything done here at home.

I need to work on the games while I have some time this afternoon. I am planning on making some lily pads for the bean bag toss, and I need to make a huge frog for "Kiss the Frog" (like pin the tail on the donkey, except with lipstick and a huge frog). We are also going to do a frog hunt and play leap frog. I am really hoping that my expectations are not too high for this whole thing and that we will have a fun time.

Add on top of all of this the Box Tops I need to cut, sort, group, and mail off by Saturday. Being the Box Top coordinator queen is fun until it is crunch time. The postmark deadline happens to be this Saturday of course. I have collected all of them from the classrooms and now just need to go through them all, check for expired and ripped ones, and then sort them into groups of 50, fill out the proper paperwork, get them in the mail, and then update my spreadsheet and fliers for the classrooms. We have already collect $948 this year alone. That is 9,480 box tops that me and my family (trust me it is a whole family effort) have dealt with in the past 6 months and we are geared up to reach our goal by this deadline, which is $1,000.

Wishing I could clone myself for the next few days so it could all get done. I am going to need a nap on Sunday! Thank goodness I don't have to super clean the house for the party since it is going to be at a park. Just praying for no rain at this point, but things look good in that department as of this morning's news. So for now there are will be no more posts till after the party on Saurday. Wish me luck and send any spare energy you might have.


  1. Wow, Joy, you have done a lot - and have a lot to do!!! Can't wait to hear all about the party!! That's great you have so much planned, but if one or two games get missed because the kids are having fun doing something else, don't stress. Just play it by ear and have fun!!! Happy 1st Birthday Aiden!!

  2. Can't wait to see pics from this frog party! I hope it is a success!!! Sounds like you are more ready than you realize...I am sure it will go great! Happy Birthday to your Little Man!!!