Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

Well, our morning started off with a Valentine's breakfast, talking about "makin' bacon" and then got much more G rated after that. We had plans to go out to Dale's mom and dad's house to celebrate his mom's 75th birthday. After giving the kids their Valentine's gifts, we packed things up, and headed out the door. Dale's sisters and their families were suppose to be there as well but were either sick or snowed in so it was just us there. We went out to lunch at a place called Upper Crust Pizza. It was really good.
Andrew and Grandma must have called each other to plan their outfits.Aiden of course didn't eat any pizza, just his blanket. This is THE #1 best teething device in the world according to him.This is what happens when a 9 year old takes possession of the camera. You get silly, up close pictures of their noses on your memory card.Andrew was getting attacked by grandpa when he told him that he had been moved up to the intermediate band at school. We are SO proud of him. Only one other student was selected to move up. She is a 5th grader in second year band and Andrew is only a 4th grader in 1st year band. He now has the opportunity to learn more songs, participate in more practices, and of course be involved in extra performances that only the intermediate and advanced groups get to do.Alexis is always a little shy of Grandpa since they don't see each other often enough, but once she warms up things are all good.Aiden always misses his naps when we are at their house since he won't give in and go to sleep, afraid he is going to miss out on something fun and exciting. Instead, he took a little quiet time and snuggled on Grandma's lap during the movie Fireproof, which is a VERY good movie.Grandma had made her own cake, a yummy chocolate heart shaped cake. Alexis of course was her best friend from the moment she said cake. That girl loves her sweets.Aiden was intrigued by Grandpa's buttons on his shirt but didn't want to get too close at first. I really wish that the kiddos could see them more often so it didn't take so long to warm up each time we see them.Alexis and Aiden had a great time playing peek-a-boo and hide 'n seek around the footstool. Aiden was giggling so hard he would loose his balance. It is nice how he is getting old enough now to interact with the other kiddos and it warms my heart when she plays nicely with him instead of just being up in his face all the time. Grandma of course wanted to teach Aiden how to walk. He isn't ready for that yet but it doesn't hurt to try. Overall, we had a great day and really enjoyed our time with them. We are looking forward to having them at Aiden's birthday party in two weeks.
**Donna, if you want to save any of the photos to your computer you just have to click on the image. This will bring it up bigger in a new screen, and then you right click on the picture and pick Save As. if you have any cute pictures from your camera I would love to see them. Thanks for having us over to help celebrate your birthday.**


  1. Hi Joy - so good, as always to read about your week. I bet you'll never be able to look at bacon again without thinking of something else!

    I have been starting to wonder about the bully thing here with Sam - must be a toddler boy thing, that I had forgotten about the others.

    Have a great week!

  2. We love Fire Proof and have actually seen it 3 times since it came out on video. I watched once myself, then once with Hubby & the kids then my brother in law and his fiance came over and watched it with us.

    Your kids are all so cute, and way to go Andrew on making it to intermediate band.

  3. Love the pics...Aiden and the blanket is just precious. I love it. He reminds me so much of Reid in so many ways. What a sweetie. I can relate to the napping thing at Grandma's, too. Reid swears he is missing out on something wonderful and just cries and cries his way through a nap. Frustrating! Glad to see you had a nice time together.