Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Get Together - Part 1: Poses

This weekend we were able to get 11 (out of 14) of the cousins together in San Diego. They all have such a great time playing together.
My Grandma is currently visiting from OH, and it was great to all get together and spend time chatting while the kids could run off energy on the playground equipment.

4 sisters: Faith (25), Charity (34), me (32), and Grace (30)The sisters with our mom (In the middle....we didn't get any tall genes from her) :)4 sisters, Mom and Grandma.Carter kiddos: Desiree (4 1/2), Tatiana (21 months), and Caleb (2 1/2)Howse kiddos: Andrew (9 1/2), Aiden (11 months old), and Alexis (4 1/2)Scriven kiddos: Clint (2 1/2), Jacob (10 1/2), and George (5)Heil kiddos: Shelby (3) and Shayna (6)

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  1. WOW! Those are some great pictures!! The one of ALL the kids on the playset. You and your sisters with your Mom and Grandma! Wonderful pictures that will be cherished for years....

    Will your Grandma be at the party on Saturday?? Looking forward to meeting your Mama! :)