Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here we are at Monday again. Don't forget to head on over to MckMama's blog to read what other women are not doing this week. Join in the fun, I hear there is a contest this week. And when MckMama does a contest it is usually grand in style.

I did not start this post on Sunday so I wouldn't forget to get it done in time to join in the contest.

I did not go crazy the past few days as we experienced rainshowers. This southern CA gal is of course totally prepared for rainy days with kids pent up in the house 24 hours of the day. I did not want to scream at the top of my lungs every time one of the kids told me they were bored and wanted to know what they could do next.

I did not start a new diet on Tues., only to regret that diet I did not start when it came time for my hot date on Friday night. I was not a good girl and found something nutritional on the menu to get instead of just blowing it all. Trust me that is a big deal for me.

I did not cheat on my plan to stay off the scale, only weighing in once a week, not just once, but several times this past week. I did not jump up and down and squeal like a little girl when the scale said that I had lost even more weight, even after my hot date meal.

I did not throughly enjoy my hot date with my hubby this past Friday night. This is seriously one of only a dozen or less dates we have been on. Not this year, but total from our entire time together. To say the least, dates are at a premium in our lives. I do not wish that my husband was more proactive at planning dates.

We did not get to the movie theater, only to find out that the movie was sold out and would not be shown again until it was too late for us. We have attempted to go to 5 movies in our time together, of which 3 we were not successful with. Guess we are just not meant to watch movies in the theater.

Instead of seeing a movie, we did not then go shopping for supplies for Aiden's first birthday party that is taking place in three weeks.

I have not gotten totally carried away with the whole frog theme to the point where I am now seeing frogs in my sleep.

Well, I am off to print froggie inviations and get the to-do-list updated. Don't forget to join in the fun over at MckMama's blog.

*HAD to add a new one this morning. My husband did not sleep with a princess comforter last night. And, as he was snuggling up with it he did not specifically tell me that this little bit of information better not make it on the blog. And of course being the obedient, loving wife that I am, I am not posting about it right now just wishing I had taken the time to take a picture of him not sleeping all cuddled up with Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty. Wait, now I am getting jealous that he wasn't all snuggled up with me.

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  1. Great not me's! I am loving your husband snuggling with the princess comforter. That is great. About that stinkin stroller, I tried to return it to Target when I had only used it once and by that time, they had been marked down over 50%. I decided to keep it in the garage and I will hopefully be hocking it at a resale shop or yard sale. Your kids are gorgeous.