Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Get Together - Part 3: Play Time, Food, and a Nap

From the oldest cousin, Jacob; to the youngest cousin, Aiden, fun was had by all!!!Jacob and Andrew have been best buddies from day one. Even though they only get to see each other about once every 6 months, when they get together they don't skip a beat. Andrew was planning on being a stow-away in their car and was wondering if I would notice he was gone. DUH!!! I think I would notice in about 2 seconds and miss him dearly.Auntie Grace loves to shower Aiden with kisses and was hogging him most of the day. Not that he minded at all. :)This was Uncle Rob's first time meeting Aiden. Aiden wasn't so sure of him at first, especially since he picked him up and was wearing a hat (something about ballcaps scare him). Once Rob removed the hat he settled down but was still a little leary.Auntie Faith (sporting her Red Bull.. yikes), was actualy able to steal him away from Grace for a moment. My grandma makes THE best pies (sorry Dale's mom, who is a close second)!!! I have not had a chance to enjoy a piece of one of her pies in a LONG time, but they still taste as good as I remember them from my childhood. I even begged scored a few pieces to take home that we will enjoy after dinner tonight. YUM YUM!!Boys just hanging out, waiting for the grub to arrive.The kids loved being able to sit together while they ate.This family has some serious olive lovers.Shelby took some time out from the chaos to enjoy a good book. And of course they all LOVED their ice cream cones. This was the pretty clean phase. Hands were too sticky later to even take the time to snap a different picture, but they loved it so it was worth it.Best buds, sharing some ice cream.How appropriate that George is holding on to this sign. :)Aiden tried to stay awake for the whole thing but just couldn't do it. He finally gave in and took a quick hour nap during lunch time. That was his only nap for the day and he was SUPER grouchy for the 100 mile drive home (fun times). He gave up the fight when we were only 10 miles away from home. Luckily Dale was able to transfer him straight to his bed and he slept till 6 the next morning.
We are looking forward to having most of them together again next weekend for Aiden's first birthday party at a park near our house. We just wish that everyone could have been there. Not all spouses could be there, Dale included, and my brother and his two kiddos that live in North Carolina of course were not able to make it. They were missed dearly.

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  1. Thanks for the comment :o) The flash cards are just "first words." Even though he can't say a lot of words yet, if you lay them out (when he isn't in the bath of course!) and ask him to point to the horse (for example) he can pick it out.

    Aiden is getting big too -- such a cutie!!!!