Sunday, March 1, 2009

LOTS More Birthday Pictures

Ok, so here is the recap of the party. We had a great time and I still can't believe that my little guy is turning one. So many emotions but that is for another post. Enjoy all the pictures. Click on any of them to see them bigger if you would like. Or, right click if you want to save them to your computer.

I had planned a few games for the party since I knew we would have a few kids there to keep entertained. The first game was "Kiss the Frog" (like pin the tail on the donkey but with a frog and lipstick). Andrew was super excited to play this game so we wanted to make sure we did before he had to leave for band practice. Not so sure how I felt about putting lipstick on my BOY, but he still had fun playing along.Alexis kept wanting to peekRachel came really close to getting the frogs on the lips. Most of the kids got pretty close, too close to call a winner.My little Shelby 'Renee' came just in time to join in the game. (Her middle name is really Ann, but I like to think she is named after me with the middle name Renee.) And for not being an artsy person, I think my frog drawing turned out pretty good if I might say so myself.I had asked Andrew the morning of the party if he would like to play "Happy Birthday" on his trumpet for his brother. So, that morning I printed off the music and he practiced it a few times before we went to the park. He did a pretty good job considering he had only had the music less then 6 hours. He is a remarkable trumpet player with LOTS of potential. Can you tell I am a very proud mama? :)We also played a frog bean bag toss game. The object of the game was to toss their frogs and attempt to land them on the lily pads. It was kind of a free for all with no set rules, but they still had a great time and got to keep their frog shaped bean bags.Up to this point Aiden had been sleeping through all the games and eating. We woke him up so he could enjoy his cake. He was pretty grumpy at first and just wanted to snuggle.
After a little snuggle time we stripped him down to avoid the icing mess on his clothes. He was still pretty sleepy and acting shy.
..and not so sure what to think about this thing being put in front of him.
He slowly stuck a single finger in the icing to taste it.
This stuff is pretty yummy. It helped that there were lots of girls around him, watching his every move and making him laugh.
"Aren't you going to wipe this stuff off my hands Mom?" (check out those eyelashes)
Hey, this is my cake. Back away from my cake!!!
Trying to lick every last morsel off his hands.
Happy Birthday, sweet baby boy!!
Big kisses from Auntie Faith for the birthday boy.
Alexis enjoyed the cake as well, though I think more frosting landed on her nose then on Aiden's.
The sugar rush has set in and he is pretty much done by this point.Hey, don't even think about eating my cake Daddy!!!
Daddy flipped him upside down to shake the crumbs out of his diaper.
Grandma was still trying to teach him to walk. Gotta work for your presents I guess. (He did end up taking his first step later in the day.)
Daddy got to sit with him and open all the gifts.
He loved the toy given to him by his sister, a noisy toy that violently vibrates when picked up. His little chubby cheeks would shake when he tried to hold onto it. We will see how long that toy lasts in this house before driving mom and dad crazy.
His cousin, Candace was helping him pop the bubbles.
I wanted to make sure we got pictures of everyone that came to the party.
The Hileman family: Zach, Tracy, Gerry, and Brooke
Cousin Candace
Grandma and Grandpa Howse
The Seaburg family: Jen, Robbie, Katee, Greg and Emily
Darcy and Rachel

Tammy Dulaney
Auntie Faith, Shayna, and Shelby
Sara, my wonderful photographer and friend.
Natalie and Joci.
And of course Mommy and Daddy, who love Aiden VERY much!!!!!

*Not pictured: Nana and David, who seemed to escape the party before getting their pictures taken.


  1. great pictures! thanks for sharing. i can't believe my joy is about to be 9 months. she will be one before i know it. joy and aiden have had quite a lot happen in their first year of life. they are little wonders!

  2. Happy birthday Aiden and what a fun party you had! You got lots of really great pics too Joy!!!!

  3. What a Happy boy! Wish I was there. Love you all

  4. Hey Joy and Dale sorry we couldn't come. WE have a lot going on on the weekends. Anyways Aiden is sure cute on his first bday. We love him and want to say happy birthday Aiden!!! Love you Anut Deana & Uncle Anthony

  5. Awesome! What a great idea for a party. It looks like you all had fun...and boy is Andrew a cutie!

    Hugs and Kisses to the birthday boy from Kansas!
    Renatta and Michael