Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tidbit of Useless Information

For those that really know me, they know that I have this weird thing for numbers. Like Dale's birthday - 5/16 - 5+1=6; Aiden's birthday - 3/3/2008 - 3+3+2=8; and the list goes on. So, today the kids were asking me how much longer till their birthdays. We got out the calendar and started counting.

Are you ready for this?

Andrew's is 2 months and 2 days away (and he will become double digits this year), and Alexis' is 5 months and 5 days away (and she will be turning 5). AND, today is the 25th.... a 2 and a 5. Weird number thing!!!!

*And now I am sure you will all want to have me committed to the psycho ward and my number of followers will plummet since you have found out just how crazy I am.

**For what it is worth, some of my siblings call me when they find out their due dates, or even right after they have given birth to see if their little one's day is numerically correct. The insanity continues to the next generation.

***And, Dale just rolls his eyes every time I start crunching the numbers. Poor guy has to live with this crazy lady on a daily basis.


  1. I do the same thing with dates. I also have this thing about counting the buttons on phones, remotes, everything.
    It's not just you...we all have our little querks. :) And that makes us special.

  2. You're a riot, Joy!! I thought I had a thing with numbers, but nowhere near your obsession!! But that IS weird about the 2 and the 5. Just tonight, we were at dinner at my in-laws, and Chad was saying the way he remembers him Mom's birthday (July 21st) is that it's his birthday and his sister's put together, plus the months in a row (his is May 10th, sister's is June 11th... 10+11= 21... May, June, July). Crazy!!

  3. WOW! Now youre going to have me trying to figure out number things!

  4. we are crazy with numbers too, so I will continue to follow you and not think too much of it :)
    Broderick's b-day 10/16...10=16=26
    Camden's b-day 7/19...7=19=26
    Adalynn's birthday is 6/11, so it doesn't fit with the 26 husband really wanted her to be born on May 21 or June 20 (too early or too late if you ask me). And both John and I were born in October (as well as Broderick) and Camden was conceived in October. Adalynn is truly the surprise and odd ball.

    I UNDERSTAND your number fascination!!!

  5. That is so neat! How about this.. B and I are H.S sweethearts and our Prom was 5/7/99, Closed on our house 5/7/04 and then Got Married on 5/7/05! What's up with that May 7th date!! Crazy huh? Have a great day!!

  6. Looks like your ~NUMBER~ of followers are understanding. I think it is neat. There are worse things in life to be obsessed over.