Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Much Awaited Pics

Ok, you should know by now that my 'Wordless Wednesday' posts are NEVER 100% wordless.

We have a Mommy wall and a Daddy wall in the house. This wall does not include Aiden yet, so I decided it was time. We updated the Mommy pictures, and in 3 months we will update the Daddy pictures. I can't stand having my picture taken but I also don't want my children to regret not having any pictures of me when I am gone (like I do with my Dad.. the picture you saw the other day on his birthday post is one of the only pictures I have). So, here they are.....

And now the pictures I could not wait to get back.... Aiden's birthday pictures!! He did such an awsome job. Here he is testing out the cupcake with his finger and telling us he is ONE. I brought along some of the froggie things from his party to help tie it all together.Leaning in for a lick of the icing.
Licking and smacking his lips from the yummy icing. And, showing off his ability to stand alone.
This is the picture the kids got taken together. You know how hard it is to get all three kiddos to look good at the same time? Well for my kiddos, impossible! So, this is as good as it gets. Still pretty darn adorable if I might say so myself.


  1. yes....I agree, ADORABLE!!! Love all the pics, especially the birthday ones.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh!

    Those turned out so stinkin adorable!!!! Not only do the three kids look great, but you look great also! Everyone cooperated! Yippee for good picture experiences!!

  3. Wow. These are really sweet. I love them like crazy : ).

  4. Is there any film left? These are such great pictures. Great job! AAA