Friday, March 6, 2009

Festival of Bands

Thursday, March 5th, was the Festival of Bands. This was a highly anticipated day by everyone in the house. Andrew had practiced hours and hours and the big day was finally here. In order to be a part of this festival you had to be in the intermediate or advanced band. About a month ago Andrew was moved up to intermediate, the only 4th grader at his school to achieve this. This achievement meant extra practices (including a Sat. practice during the middle of Aiden's 1st birthday party) and the privilege of playing in the All Schools Festival of Bands. In all there were about 100 or so students representing the district, of which 5 came from Andrew's school.
He got all dressed up in his spiffy white shirt and tie. I wanted to cry as he was getting ready that morning. Made me think of getting him ready for his H.S. graduation or wedding day (I know, super emotional week, but time is flying by and those moments will be here before we know it).Off he goes with his trumpet strapped to his back. I was able to watch the festival, thanks to Candace who came to watch Aiden and Alexis for me. The kids seemed pretty nervous as they walked into the theater to perform. For most of them this was the first time performing for a seated audience. Most of them had only performed in the Christmas parade before.
I could see Andrew scanning the crowd to find me as he waited for his director to come out. He finally made eye contact and gave a little smile and a wave.
They all did an awesome job. They played three songs for the festival. It was nice to hear the whole song, which sounded much different then what it sounds like at home when just hearing the trumpet part. They all practice once a week as a school (just the 5 intermediates). And then, once a week 6 of the schools come together to practice, but they had only once played with all the schools together. It was nice to hear the sounds blend so well having only practiced that one Sat. together.
I am very proud of my 'little man', who has practiced really hard and did an awesome job during the performance. I think we have a great trumpet player in the family.
"Make the mamarazzi stop!!!"
And now the moment all the kids had been waiting for.... eating lunch on the High School campus. The thought of being able to buy nachos, pizza, candy, and sodas instead of mom's boring packed lunch was the source of many conversations leading up to that day.

Mom and Dad are very proud of you Andrew. You have grown up into such a fine young man. Keep up the great work!!!

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  1. Wow What an awesome opportunity. Just what I got to hear of his "Happy Birthday" was great!