Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday - Part 2 - All Things Aiden

Ok, I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to brag about all the new things Aiden did not accomplish or learn to do this past week.

*Aiden did not turn one this past Tuesday. Happy Birthday, buddy! I did not cry, knowing that he is no longer my baby, but now a little boy.
*Aiden did not take the cutest pictures at JcPenneys on his birthday. He did not lean in and lick the cupcake at the perfect opportunity for a picture to be taken. I am not looking forward to getting them back this week so I can share them with all of you.

*Aiden did not teach me a major lesson while I was trying to take a picture of him in his birthday suit on his birthday by peeing all over my living room floor and then he proceeded to laugh about it. That was the end of that photo shoot!*Aiden did not finally start eating real table food on his own. (sorry, no pic of it yet.) We have tried for months to just put the food on his tray and get him to pick it up, all for not. But this past week he finally started picking up the yummy bananas and green beans and placing them in his mouth instead of just squishing them between his fingers. I thought I would be still spoon feeding him when he went off for Kindergarten, or worse, off to college.

*Aiden did not drink from a sippy cup for the first time this week. He did not successfully create his own suction by pretending to give me kisses. During that same milestone, he did not also accomplish holding the cup with his own chubby hands for the first time.
*Aiden has not learned to stand in front of the oven and pound his hands on the door while his sippy cup is being warmed in the microwave. He does not signal to me that he is hungry by pounding on it as hard as he can till I get the point and come in the kitchen to make him something to eat.
*Aiden did not take his first few steps this past week. He did not take a total of FOUR steps while showing off for everyone at church yesterday. He does not take off from the couch with the enthusiasm of giants only to come crashing down on his nose by the second step. Pace yourself little buddy.*Aiden has not replaced his endearing kisses with headbutting!! He did not clock Dale so hard in the head that I heard it in the kitchen and Dale started seeing stars immediately. *Aiden did not learn that he can climb now. He does not use anything and anyONE around him to reach what he wants. If he is anything like his daddy then I am in BIG trouble.*Aiden did not use these new climbing techniques to try and get one of the tasty cupcakes we made yesterday. And Daddy did not catch him right as he stepped off the edge of the step stool.*Aiden has not discovered his love of playing the Wii with his brother and sister. He loves to swing the remote around, laugh and giggle, and get right in on the action. We have a little gamer on our hands.

*Aiden did not sleep in till 8:50 this morning, exhausted from all the new things he has not learned this past week. All these new activities wore him out.

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  1. Wow he had a busy week! Happy First Birthday!! I can't make it through a birthday song for my children without crying, lol. I even cried at my daughters school while all her classmates sang.
    I love the shot of Aiden and his sippy! So cute.