Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break - Act 1

Last week was the beginning of our Spring Break. The kids are on a modified traditional schedule so they get a full two weeks off for spring break. These two week would be pretty uneventful because Dale has to work and because the kids had a dentist appointment on his only day off.

The weekend started off with a fun game of Dogopoly with Nana and cousin Shayna. The next day was off to a slow start, with the kids sleeping in tilll almost 9:00. Those are my kind of mornings.
Alexis then went down to San Diego to spend a few days with my sister and her cousins. She had a great time playing with them and my sister did a great job of taking lots of pictures of their adventures. Andrew on the other hand was very excited to have some sister-free time. He helped me out by learning to feed Aiden. He wasn't too excited about the smell of the green beans but managed to make it through the whole feeding while I got dinner ready for us.
On the second night of sister-free time I allowed him to choose the menu for dinner. He of course chose english muffin pizzas. He had fun helping me assemble the pizzas.
He is growing up so quickly and can even put them in the oven by himself now. Pretty soon I am going to be out of a job if I am not careful. :)
We then enjoyed our pizza muffins on the living room floor, picnic style.
The last sister-free day was spent pretty much playing the Wii and vegging in front of his favorite movies. I am usually pretty stingy with their TV and video game time but decided to let him do whatever he wanted to do for one day. This also gave me lots of time to work on Aiden's photobooks, organizing, labeling, and inserting over 400 pictures to get me caught up to present day.

On Wednesday we head down to San Diego to pick up Alexis at my sister Charity's house and then went out to lunch with my mom and my other sister, Faith. We then headed back home in hopes of beating Dale. We lost, he got home 30 minutes before us.
Thursday we just hung out all morning in our pjs and then made our way to the dentist office later in the afternoon. It was there that we discovered that Aiden had gotten his fifth tooth, a molar. That kid keeps us guessing on which tooth will be next, and we are wrong every time.
Mr. Mischievious, getting into everything in the hallway closets. He has really enjoyed having his 'bubus' and 'exi' home for some extra play time this past week.
Suzy Q has also enjoyed the extra company instead of being at home with boring, old Mom all the time. I love her ears and the dark black eyeshadow around each of her eyes.
After taking this picture I had to ask myself, "Where did Aiden's neck go? Has he ever had one? Where did those chubby cheeks come from? And, isn't he just so dang adorable?"
And then I finally caught him doing this..... picking his nose. Those two holes are just so darn interesting he can't seem to keep his fingers out of them.
I also discovered that 'big guy' NEEDS a haircut badly. I can't stand when his hair starts growing over his ears. So off with his head hair this week!!!On Sunday we went back in time to Halloween. The kids dressed up in their costumes and paraded around. Alexis even ventured over to the dark side and played Star Wars with her big brother. He loves to play his games with her but will never venture over and play her games with her. That might be asking for too much from a 9 year old.

This week will unfortunatly be more of the same. We do have a park date with some school friends and then on Dale's one day off we are hoping to either go to the mountains to play in the snow or to the beach. I wish we could do more but time off and finances don't permit it this year.

Hope everyone has a blessed week. And, pray for my sanity as I brave yet another week off for spring break.


  1. Andrews hair is not too long....check out Caleb's at my blog.

  2. Those pizzas sound delicious. The boys are cute.