Friday, March 13, 2009

So, Aiden....

..what have you learned to do this week?*Well let's see, I have learned to clap my hands and say, 'Yay!' Click on the image below and check it out for yourself.

*I have also learned that the two holes in my nose make for a great place to stick my fingers. My mom calls it picking my nose. I guess I am not suppose to do it because my mom is always taking my fingers out of my nose and telling me no. She has tried to catch it on her camera but I have been pretty tricky and so far she has had no luck in catching me in the act.
*I learned how to say 'Yummmm'. If you click on the picture below you can check that out too.
View this montage created at One True Media

And what was so yummy you ask? Well, goldfish of course. I just discovered this wonderful food this week and can't get enough of them.

They are so good I even wanted to eat the bowl Mommy had put them in.*I am now completely on whole milk. Mommy scooped out the last of the formula on Tues.
*I also learned that I can take a bite of the banana all by myself. Who needs Mommy to cut it up when I have teeth of my own? I love this new independence.
*I discovered that buckets make fun hats. Check out this cool blue hat bucket on my head. Just please ignore the major stain on my shirt from lunch. I am still learning to eat and things can get pretty messy at times.
*Mom also discovered that when I am really concentrating I stick my tongue out just like her.
It has been a busy week of new beginnings, with lots more to come. And now I think I will take a little nap.


  1. What a precious little boy he is. Brody turns 11 months tomorrow *tear* and I'm going to start weaning him off formula this month.. Happy but sad because this year has went by so fast.

  2. What a beautiful young man!! I love him so much, and I am very happy you are sharing his development with all of us :-)

    Auntie Faith

  3. Hi Joy!
    I love the new look :) Always love seeing this big boy first when I come by for a 'visit' Gotta love cyber world!

    Hope your spirits are up, and you are doing well!

  4. I just got the 'frog' theme!!!!!! EVEN CUTER!

  5. What a little blessing! I wish you all lived closer.