Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aiden's Yearly Report

Yesterday my mom took me to see my doctor, Dr. Mailander. So off we went with me hanging out in the Mobi wrap. I love looking out and flirting with all the nurses. Everyone knew when I had arrived because my girlfriend, nurse Charyl, announced my arrival. I guess she had been bragging all day that I would be coming to visit her that day. I told my mom not to worry about the numbers because I would be taking really good notes.
And here they are. Right on target with last time, still in the 25th percentile on height and weight, but moved up to the 10th with my head circumference from 5th last time. I have gained 11lbs 7 oz and 9 inches since my birth.
Now hurry up mom and get my clothes on me!! I hear that the nurse is going to be giving me two shots.
Shots weren't too bad, nothing an animal cookie couldn't take care of.
I am all good to go till my 15 month check-up. Mom did ask about my ultrasound I am suppose to have on my sacral dimple. Well, sounds like she is getting the run around AGAIN. My doctor's office says I am too old for that test so they are going to send it back to the cleft specialist team and see if they will do it at their facility. I am sure that will be another insurance fight. Good thing I have my mommy to stay on top of all these things. She is going to fax the request to both offices to see if they can get busy on it right away.
Things I am good at:

*Eating baby food. I have just started exploring more big kid foods and like them as long as someone spoon feeds me. I like to be a little lazy and don't like to touch it myself but am perfectly content to sit back and let them feed me.

*Drinking from a sippy cup - I am on my second day of sippy cups and doing pretty good if I might say so myself. Mommy is trying those Toss 'N Go cups on me. I need to get some of my own since it is so embarrassing to be using my sister's Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty cups. Hopefully she will go get me some manly ones soon. I have a little bit of a hard time sucking the milk out but mommy just makes the kissing noise and that reminds me to kiss her back, which is great for also creating suction. (Thank you buddy Finn's mommy for this trick!!)*Whole Milk - Mommy is transitioning me to whole milk instead of formula. So far so good. I am down to about 3 oz of formula and 4 oz of milk. I think this will be my last container of formula. I saw Mommy and Daddy doing cartwheels in the living room when they figured out it would be the last of the expensive formula purchases.

*Playing independently with my toys - I love to sit in the hallway and pull out a few toys all by myself. Sometimes I pull out too many and make a pretty big mess, but brother and sister are right there to help me pick it all up. I have learned that I don't have to be right under Mom's feet all the time and actually enjoy some time away from her, playing with all my fun toys. My favorite toys are my musical ones. I am learning from watching my brother play his trumpet. Maybe some day I can play in the band too.I am even really good at playing the drums with my feet. How is that for talented?*Walking - well not yet, but it won't be long. I took my first step at my birthday party last Saturday and have taken a few since then. I am not in a big hurry and can already get around really quickly by crawling. Plus, who would want to learn to walk when you can get carried everywhere you go? I am no fool. I am trying to work on standing up in the middle of the room with nothing to hold onto. That is a tricky one.

I am sure there are many more things I am good at but I gotta run 'cause my brother just got home. Need to see how he did at his Festival of Bands today. I am sure mom will post something about that later. She loves to brag about her kiddos. :)


  1. Cute post! Love the sippy cup part best!!

  2. Love it in Aiden's voice, especially at the doctor's. He really does look like he's taking notes!! I still can't get over how my Aidan is bigger than yours. That's crazy! But glad Aiden is growing just right! And woohoo for cheap milk!!!!