Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Blog With a New View

After a few emails back and forth, dealing with my non-computer, non-committal, non-decorative brain, a photo shoot in the park, then a redo photo shoot in the rain, and last minute additions; my blog has been beautified!! And, I LOVE it!!!!

Heather did such an awesome job!! I was in desperate need of this makeover but had no clue where to even begin. She held my hand through it all and put up with my crazy self. Saying thank you just doesn't seem like enough, but THANK-YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER!!!

Please, please, if you like the new look, head on over to Heather's blog and tell her what an awesome job she has done.


  1. Well, I love how it turned out! Glad you like it too!!! Love how the kids' outfits all match the layout. Good photography work!!

  2. LOVE it!!! Heather did a great job!!!!

  3. This is so so cute! I love the frogs and I love the photos in your header!!