Monday, October 27, 2008

Wedding in AZ

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I am super tired tonight so I am going to try and be shortwinded (is that possible?)

The entire family. Love the sunset in the background. We all had a wonderful time at the wedding and getting to spend some quality time with each other. Just wish they didn't live so far away. We also really missed our sister Faith and brother David and their families, who live in N.C.

Bunch of cousins. From left to right - Desiree, Caleb, Alexis, George, Tatiana, Andrew, Aiden, Jacob and Clint
We had such a wonderful time. Just wish that Dale would have been able to join us for the wedding, instead he had to work.
Andrew and Aiden. Such a great big brother.
Alexis is all dressed and ready for the wedding. She made for a beautiful miniature bride.
Desiree and Alexis.
Andrew and Alexis, what handsome and beautiful children.Nana and Aiden in his "Chicks Dig Me" bib. Taking every opportunity to find a girlfriend.


  1. Such great pictures!!!!

    LOVE how your mom named all you sisters - Joy, Faith, Charity, Grace. Love it!!!

    The picture of Andrew and Aiden....such handsome little men. But zeroing in on Aiden...PTL...look at that lip. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME lip repair!!! It's amazing how it looks at just 3 weeks after surgery. WOW! Praise the Lord!

  2. My dad would always say there was no HOPE for our family. :)

  3. Love the pics!!! Glad you guys had a good time!!! Alexis looks so cute in her dress and Andrew very nice in his tux!!!

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  5. love the photos!!!! your little man will one day really have to fend off the ladies! TOO CUTE!

  6. I love the pics you have. Copied some for my computer. Thank you sooo much for making the trip out here! I loved having your kids in my wedding. They were all too adorable for words. Glad Alexis could use the dress again :)