Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We Don't Always Get Everything We Want

Well, we had Aiden's appointment with Dr. Martin today. We were hoping he would have the stints removed from his nose and be allowed to take his 'no nos' off. We got half of what we wanted. He did removed the stints, which Aiden did not like having done, more because of being held down then actual pain from the removal. He did not give clearance for the arm restraints to be removed. He would like to give it a few more days for the palate and gum line to heal. I would rather be safe then sorry as well so we will keep them on till next Monday. He can sleep in his own bed now - YEAH!! and actually already enjoyed a REALLY long nap in the comforts of his boppy.

He has also really improved on his eating and just took a 7 ounce bottle, the most he has ever done. He is allowed to have the nipple in his mouth now, but when I tried it he really did not like it. I think it is going to be a slow transition back to having it in there, so in the mean time we will continue our target practice with squirting it into his mouth while he moves around. We are also allowed to start baby foods. I am excited to feed him his first cereal, fruits and veggies. Not sure how excited he will be. Guess we will find out tomorrow.

And now for his close up. He had just woken up from his nap and was not too happy. Gotta love the bedhead and drool.


  1. what a cutie! he is looking like he's healing really well. so glad he's eating better now too. go aiden go! :)

  2. Well bummer. But you know, it's only one more week. I know how hard the last two have been, but man, better to be soooo safe than sorry. Rachel wore hers for three weeks, and even then I was nervous to take them off. LOL.

    Glad his stents are out!! There's a huge relief! :)

  3. That is totally how I feel, better super safe then sorry in the long run and adding surgeries to the list. In the grand scheme of things a few more days is nothing. I am totally nervous about taking them off and about putting the nipple in his mouth. He is scared too and really doesnt like the nipple right now. we will see.