Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Funny Desiree Sayings

I wish I would have been writing down from day one. She says some funny things. Here goes.

**"Auntie Joy, you have a magical car." Said in reference to the doors opening automatically with the push of a button and the cool rear windows. That magical car..... in the shop since the check engine light came on today. UGH!!!

**"Mommy always says 'Hurry up!' to the drivers." Said in reference to my comment of slow down to the crazy driver through our neighborhood.

**"My car can't go in the garage because my daddy has too much stuff." Well, truth be told this is only the fifth night my car has slept in the garage thanks to all of Dale's hard work organizing it on Sat. afternoon.

**"Aiden's Dr. gave me a sticker that doesn't stick." This was said after she had peeled and stuck it to her shirt at least a dozen times.

**When I asked her if she knew my name because she kept tapping me she said, "Duh, Auntie Grace!" (my sister).

**"The cheese at my Olive Garden is much bigger then the cheese at yours." Made after watching a commercial on t.v.

**"Your big dog is big and your little dog is little."

**"Why does Aiden cry like a baby?" Because he is a baby. :)

I am sure there were many more and like I said, I wish I had been writing them down from the beginning. Wonder what funny sayings we will hear tomorrow. :)

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