Monday, October 13, 2008

MAJOR Blowout - and I am NOT Talking Tires

I knew we were in trouble when I walked down the hallway and could already smell the stench. At first I thought, 'Did Alexis forget to flush or something?' But then it became clear what was going on as I entered my room to check on Aiden. The smell was SO overwhelming. "Do I wake a sleeping stinky baby? or do I let a stinky baby sleep?" Well, sleep it was since he had been up off and on all night and had woken up on the wrong side of MY bed (a habit that will be broken quickly once he is out of his car seat). I wasn't ready to face the smell and decided to buy myself a few more minutes to get the supplies ready that would be needed to take care of the diaper that was about to be changed. No amount of prep time would have prepared me for what I found. MAJOR blowout!! There comes a time in every mommy's life where they have to deal with at least one blowout per child. I consider myself lucky (?) that we made it to 7 months old before this happened since Alexis and Andrew both took care of that within weeks of their birth. New list of supplies taken out. Scratch the wet wipes and destine. This required the big guns: soap, water, and a washcloth. This kiddo LOVES bath time. Maybe he did it on purpose so he could get another bath?

I had debated this morning what he should wear. His cute "Girls get in line" shirt? or his "Little Stinker" shirt? I guess I chose the wrong one when I put the girls shirt on. He fixed that quickly with this blowout and is now wearing the shirt of his choice, this time really deserving the title of Little Stinker. (Taken right after bath time before arm restraints were put on. Can't wait to be done with those things tomorrow.)

Even Alexis couldn't handle the stink. "PHEW!!" This diaper did not pass go, did not collect $200, but instead went directly to the trash OUTSIDE. Sorry Mr. Trash guy tomorrow, I hope you are wearing a mask.
I am surprised the Haz Mat team wasn't called in by one of the neighbors it was that bad. Thank goodness for Lysol deodorizer spray.
Hoping everyone has a wonderful day with no more blowouts!


  1. LOL. I guess consider yourself lucky to have been at home when it happened?? LOL.

    His lip is looking GREAT! I can't wait to hear what Martin says tomorrow at his post op. :)

  2. Adorable photos and great post. It really made me laugh out loud and praise God that we are over those days. Adalynn "puts her stinkies in the potty" 75% of the time. YAY! Hopefully this was good enough that your quota on this one is over and done. No more blow-outs for you!

  3. I have been wondering why I haven't been reading your posts... and that's because I somehow missed adding you to my blog following! Sorry!!! I'll have to catch up on YOUR Aiden. By the way, I'm now wishing I had spelled mine with an "e" because that's how everyone wants to spell it anyway! Grrr. But I was outvoted by the husband and my mom.

    I LOVE that you could smell the stench down the hallway! Yikes. Aidan will wear his nose stents for at least another week, as we have an appt. on Monday. But last time I saw my doc, he said another month, so that'd put us into November. It was just supposed to be 2 months and then it became 3 when he saw Aidan was tolerating them and I was keeping them clean. I guess the longer the better for the shape of his nose. But they're a pain! Consider yourself lucky you're getting them out so soon!